The 12 Best First Class Airlines [2024 Guide]

Jade Poleon
Last Updated: January 22nd, 2024

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If you are considering flying first class, you might be wondering which airline is the best to fly with.

These days, with so many routes, class options, and airlines hopping on a plane to cross the globe has never been easier. However, the experience you have can differ drastically from airline to airline, so choosing the right airline is crucial.

Flying first class is an excellent option if you have a long-haul flight thanks to the personalized service, a wide variety of gourmet cuisine, privacy, and above all else, comfort.

In this article, we will explore the top first-class airlines worth considering when it comes to quality, facilities, service, and value for money.

If you want to enjoy a luxurious flying experience…let’s dive in.

The 12 Best First-Class Airlines

Since ‘first class’ doesn’t always mean the same thing for each airline, it is essential to break down exactly what each airline offers to their first-class passengers, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best overall first-class airline to choose.

1. Emirates Airlines

A true game-changer


Emirates has long been a firm favorite for those seeking a reliable, top-quality airline that looks after their passengers and goes the extra mile for their first-class guests.

The UAE airline describes the experience as coming as close to flying in your private jet, and we love the sounds of that. So, what makes it so unique?

Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass doors to ensure the utmost privacy, an onboard shower spa, and a lounge bar at your disposal, you might think you have died and gone to heaven if you are flying in a first-class Emirates suite.

In addition to this fully enclosed private suite, passengers will have virtual windows and plush soft leather seating to ensure a comfortable journey.

Top Features:

  • Zero gravity bed inspired by NASA
  • Design inspired by Mercedes Benz S Class
  • Ultimate privacy with closing doors

2. Singapore Airlines

World renowned for quality and luxury


Regarding luxury, Singapore Airlines is world famous for its incredible service, top-class service, and ultra-comfortable seats, no matter which class you fly in. However, when it comes to their first-class suites, they have something we would all love to experience.

Wondering what to expect? Let us explain.

With more space than you can imagine, a whole dining area to indulge in the best cuisine and an extra wide ultra-comfortable seat tailored to ensure comfort is key.

But that’s not all. The suites of the A380 are the best in the business, and if it is the long, relaxed sleep you seek, then their lie flat beds have got you covered. Not only this, but there is a separate swivel leather chair for relaxing, watching movies, and dining, so there is no converting one to the other.

Top Features:

  • Lie flat beds, some of which are double for couples
  • International specially prepared meals
  • Separate leather swivel armchair

3. Cathay Pacific

For the best sleep in the sky


The luxurious experience doesn’t just begin on the plane with Cathay Pacific. The first-class lounge at Hong Kong Airport is relatively extraordinary, which carries on to the aircraft.

If it’s the softest bed in the sky you seek or one of the sleekest designs imaginable, then you might want to check out the first-class suite of Cathay Pacific, which has this and more.

While they have plenty of great features, their bed might be the top feature, and if you have a long flight, this might be music to your ears.

Let’s start with the fact that it is among the widest beds on any plane and is carefully made of luxurious organic bedding, complete with a pillow mist to make you sound asleep. For those who need to stay on top of things, there is a private work area with complimentary Wi-Fi and power sockets

Top features:

  • Perhaps the comfiest bed in the sky
  • Dedicated work area and Wi-Fi
  • Award-winning onboard cellar and gourmet cuisine

4. Etihad Airways

Home of ‘The Residence’


With a one-of-a-kind dining experience, renowned top-class service, and fabulous sleeping conditions, it is no wonder Etihad is a top choice for many first-class passengers worldwide.

On their B787, the crew will recline your bed to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, but not before you have had your pick of their extensive a la carte menu. Did we mention they also have a signature Cognac service?

In addition to their boutique wine list and mouthwatering dishes, Etihad is on hand to ensure your first-class experience starts as it means to go on, with access to their premier lounges before departure.

One of the main features is the onboard Residence, a three-room suite complete with a private bedroom, en-suite shower room, and separate living area. Sounds good, right?

Top Features:

  • The Residence, three-bedroom suite
  • Interconnecting’ First Apartments’ available
  • Privacy doors with lots of personal space

5. Qatar Airways

An ultra-luxurious experience


Qatar Airways is well-known for its exceptional service no matter what class you are flying in, and that is down to its award-winning crew. When traveling in first class, you will receive personalized attention, enjoy comfortable surroundings, and access a wide range of benefits, making this a memorable flight.

For instance, first-class passengers can expect signature dishes, luxury amenity kits, and designer loungewear, to name but a few perks. Their innovative entertainment options will keep you busy, but if you have work, just transform your seat into a working space and take advantage of the onboard Wi-Fi.

With ample stowage options, a fully lie-flat bed, and central aisle dividers to ensure privacy, Qatar is up there as being one of the best first-class airlines around.

Top Features:

  • A flexible and private space
  • The finest first-class a la carte menu
  • Award-winning crew and personalized service

6. Lufthansa

A sought-after experience


First class with Lufthansa, Germany’s main international airline, means being greeted at your destination airline by a personal assistant, indulging in culinary highlights in the sky, and enjoying privacy and personal space to relax, sleep, or enjoy onboard entertainment. But there is much more to Lufthansa’s first-class experience than meets the eye.

Regarding comfort, Lufthansa is nothing short of detailed, practical, and elegant, making it a great airline to choose if you take flying seriously.

Onboard passengers can access personalized service, a Michelin-star standard gourmet cuisine, and an award-winning wine list. For those seeking tranquility, privacy screens and sound insulation ensure personal space and relaxation.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable bed with mattress topper and temperature-regulation duvet
  • World-class food and wine
  • Sound insulation and privacy screens

7. Korean Air

The words first exclusive 2nd floor


Featuring spacious 180-degree reclining beds as well as extra wide seats and improved privacy with large partitions, the first-class Kosmo Suites are one of the best experiences you can have in the sky.

From the innovative, sleek design to the modern amenities like power outlets, USB ports, large TV screens, versatile storage space, and a one-touch button that instantly adjusts your seat, there is not much left to the imagination with Korean Airlines first class suites.

The vast and spacious seats are designed to be extra comfortable and seamless, allowing for a restful sleep while reducing the chance of fatigue upon arrival.

With brighter personal reading lamps, noise-canceling headphones, and a wide and stable table for dining, this is a first-class experience that is regarded as one of the best. Also, it has the world’s first exclusive second floor.

Top Features:

  • Wood-toned exterior finish
  • 180degree reclining beds with comfortable seat mat
  • Multifunctional controls for easy accessibility

8. British Airways

For elegance and experience


British Airways is the leading British Airline, and their first-class experience is second to none. For years, they have been regarded as one of the best first-class airlines for several reasons, most notably because they deliver exceptional and elegant British service and provide passengers with all the luxury they could need for flying to a wide range of sought-after destinations.

Their first-class experience includes but is not limited to enjoying your private, spacious suite, having access to a fully flat bed with a foam and microfibre mattress topper, which features 400 thread count bedding, and the opportunity to indulge in delicious fine dining options. Temperley London loungewear is included, as well as an amenity bag and slippers designed exclusively for British Airways.

Top Features:

  • Fully flat bed with luxurious mattress
  • An a la carte ‘Dine Anytime’ menu
  • A special dedicated eight-seat only first-class cabin

9. Swiss International Airlines

A high-quality first-class airline


Switzerland may be world-renowned for being a modern country with a fantastic standard of living. That standard exists in the sky, too, especially when flying with Swiss International Airlines.

With eight dedicated first-class armchairs available on long-haul flights that turn into lie-flat beds, as well as delectable Taste of Switzerland delicacies throughout your flight, you can ensure that you will enjoy a luxurious experience during this journey.

In addition to sleeping comfort, Swiss International Airlines ensures privacy and provides luxurious toiletries and various extras, such as products by the Swiss luxury brand Soeder, to ensure your well-being and relaxation.

With dedicated personal service, a first-class gourmet menu to dine whenever you please, and Wi-Fi at your disposal, this has to be one of the best first-class experiences in Europe.

Top Features:

  • Luxury Swiss-made amenities and products
  • Lay flatbed in a private space
  • Top-class Swiss gourmet cuisine

10. Garuda Indonesia

A focus on first-class comfort and space


Garuda Airlines is Indonesia’s leading airline, and its first-class service is second to none. Suppose you seek an unforgettable journey filled with carefully prepared first-class amenities for each passenger, an extensive selection of onboard entertainment, and all the privacy you could want. They pride themselves on providing first-class guests with the gift of more personal space than other competitors.

Their full flatbed comes with a luxurious mattress and bedding, while the personal wardrobe, storage areas, and reading lights ensure you can make the most of the space around you.

In terms of food, Garuda provides first-class passengers with a selection of carefully prepared gourmet dishes prepared by master chefs, which can be enjoyed alongside vintage wines in your own private space or together with your travel companion.

Top Features:

  • Full flat bed at 180 degrees
  • Your private suite
  • Exquisite cuisine options

11. Japan Airlines

Taking privacy and space to the next level


Japan Airlines is one of the best first-class airlines because their brand-new first-class cabin onboard the A350 takes luxury, quality, and, above all else, privacy and space to the next level.

Priding themselves on having private spaces of the world’s highest standards, Japan Airlines have made their new first-class cabins significantly larger than ever before – 1.3 times larger, to be precise.

Passengers can expect spacious and wide sofa-style seats for relaxing in their own home, new bed specs which include a choice between a double or single bed, a mini bar, ample storage space, and much more.

Movie lovers will enjoy the movie theatre-like experience with their monitor and access to wireless charging facilities and a digital monitor to connect with the crew at any time to ensure a stress-free experience.

Top Features :-

  • New and improved private spaces (1.3 times larger than before)
  • Leather sofa which converts to a single/double bed
  • Brand name amenity kits and loungewear

12. Oman Air

One of the best first-class airlines’


The first-class private suite onboard Oman Air combines intriguing Omani design and modern aspects, such as the stunning arch shapes on the private doors and the feature wall.

The first-class experience is not limited to the decor; however, this is a captivating attraction, but guests can also expect plenty of fantastic facilities to ensure a comfortable and relaxed flight, including a luxurious flat bed.

Firstly, the extra tall sliding doors and dividers for middle seats, as well as a touch screen panel, which adjusts your seat at the touch of a button and features a memory function to ensure your comfort throughout the flight.

First-class passengers have access to their own private, well-stocked mini-bar and an award-winning a la carte menu, plus their complimentary cotton sleeper suits and quilted duvets ensure you are as comfortable as can be for the flight duration.

Top Features:

  • Stunning Omani-designed suites
  • All the privacy of a boutique hotel room
  • Gourmet award-winning cuisine

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Jade Poleon

Jade Poleon

Jade is a seasoned traveller, yoga enthusiast, adventure seeker and travel writer passionate about seeing the world and sharing hidden gems with others. As well as having travelled to 91 countries thus far, she has written for several websites and published her first book ‘The Ultimate Irish Road Trip Guide’. She is a keen writer of satirical articles, as well as ‘The best things to do’ and ‘The best dishes to try’ around the globe. Jade is currently on a campervan adventure around Europe, where she continues to get her travel and food inspiration. She is excited to share what she discovers with her readers.

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