The 15 Best Hostels in Medellin, Colombia (2024 Guide)

Rebecca Crowe
Last Updated: January 22nd, 2024

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Known around the world as the City of the Eternal Spring for its green mountainous surroundings, natural beauty, and temperate year-round weather, the city of Medellin is one of the most popular places to visit in Colombia.

With so many amazing art galleries and museums to check out in the city and a ton of amazing hiking spots and ziplining experiences on the outskirts, Medellin has the best of both worlds.

So, with this in mind, here is our complete guide to the best hostels in Medellin. Whether you’re looking to party all night, enjoy a family vibe, or get some work done while you’re in the city, there’s bound to be a Medellin hostel on this list to suit you!

Quick Summary

Short on time and want to know the headlines? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Find the best hostel in Medellin for your vibe with these TL;DR solutions!

The 15 Best Hostels in Medellin

1. Viajero Medellin Hostel

Award-winning hostel with a stunning rooftop area

Viajero Medellin Hostel Image by:

If you’re looking for a social hostel that has panoramic views of Medellin and a hot tub, look no further than Viajero Medellin Hostel. With a well-stocked co-working space, tons of amazing artwork, and an onsite restaurant bar, there’s so much to love here.

Located in the ever-popular El Poblado neighborhood, you’re within striking distance of a ton of great places to visit, and you have the added bonus of a dedicated onsite activities team that makes your stay fun, vibrant, and affordable!

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2. Los Patios Hostel

Large Colombian-run hostel jam-packed with amenities

Los Patios Hostel Image by:

Sometimes you want a quiet boutique hostel, and sometimes you want a huge place to stay that has everything that you could possibly think of. Los Patios Hostel fits into the latter category. Voted the Best Large Hostel in the World on HostelWorld in 2020, you know that this is going to be a great place to stay.

In addition to huge communal lounges, sun decks, and game room, and amazing views, this hostel also offers a wide range of activities. Of course, you have the local tours and excursions, but there’s also a Spanish school and Salsa Academy onsite so you can immerse yourself in local culture.

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3. Masaya Medellin

Beautifully designed hostel with a massive rooftop pool

Masaya Medellin Image by:

Let’s be honest, it can get pretty hot wandering around the beautiful city of Medellin. So, why not come back to the Masaya Medellin, get changed, and jump in the stunning and ridiculous large rooftop pool?

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen a rooftop pool this big on a hostel anywhere in the world! Inside, you can find super spacious private rooms and dorm beds that have their own privacy sliders to give you the perfect night’s sleep!

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4. Black Sheep Hostel Medellin

Relaxed but social hostel with plenty of tours

Black Sheep Hostel Medellin Image by:

If you’re looking for the best hostel in Medellin that isn’t quite a party hostel but still has those social vibes that make it easy to meet new people, it’s time to book a stay at the Black Sheep Hostel Medellin.

With plenty of hammocks to lie back and relax in after a long day of exploring and tons of tours including visits to local breweries and football trips during the season, this is a great place if you’re traveling solo and want to meet likeminded travelers without having to go out all the time!

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5. Hostel Rango Boutique

Gorgeous boutique hostel with an excellent rooftop pool

Hostel Rango Boutique Image by:

Looking for a boutique hostel in Medellin that has a great location and even better interior design? Well then, consider booking a stay at the Hostel Rango Boutique. Located on Calle 8, it’s easy to get to all the major sites in Medellin and you’re surrounded by great places to eat.

Inside the hostel itself, you’ll find snug lounge areas, well-serviced co-working spaces with high-speed internet, and design touches that make you feel like you’re staying in someone’s trendy New York loft. Of course, this being Medellin, there are also tons of beautiful plants around the place, bringing the outside in!

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6. Casa Kiwi Hostel Medellin

No-frills social hostel in the El Poblado neighborhood

Casa Kiwi Hostel Medellin Image by:

If you want to stay in a place that’s pretty lax when it comes to curfews and likes to have a good time, check out Casa Kiwi Hostel Medellin. While it might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the larger hostels, the giant lounge area, rooftop plunge pool, and social vibes are perfect for night owls visiting Medellin.

Surrounded by great restaurants, bars, and clubs, Casa Kiwi Hostel Medellin is ideally located if you want to hit up a few bars and spend a lazy morning on the rooftop deck nursing your hangover with some free tea and coffee!

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7. JO&JOE Medellin

Upmarket, fun, and friendly hostel that’s great value for money

JO&JOE Medellin Image by:

Want to feel like you’re in a hotel without splashing the cash? That’s exactly what JO&JOE Medellin accomplishes. With amazing artwork throughout, high-end finishes, and interesting and well-designed rooms, it feels like you’re staying somewhere that’s a lot more expensive than it actually is!

Throw in the huge communal lounging area, the pour-yourself bar area (yes, you read that correctly!), and a huge rooftop chill-out zone, and you’ve got all the best social aspects of a hostel with hotel-level services and design. It’s the best of both worlds.

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8. The Wandering Paisa Backpackers Hostel

Vibrant hostel that brings Colombian culture to the forefront

The Wandering Paisa Backpackers Hostel Image by:

Want to immerse yourself in Colombian culture while you’re in Medellin? Well, there’s no better place to do it than The Wandering Paisa Backpackers Hostel. Located in the Laureles neighborhood, you’re super close to the heart of Medellin and a whole host of upscale bars and restaurants.

With local art students painting each room with a specific theme, local musicians playing at the onsite Paisa Bar, and tons of organized activities and tours, this is a hostel that allows you to experience Medellin like a local!

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9. Medellin Vibes Hostel

Luxury hostel with relaxed vibes in El Poblado

Medellin Vibes Hostel Image by:

Honestly, if you’re looking for a hostel that gives you plenty of room to stretch out, rest, and recuperate, you need to book yourself a stay at the Medellin Vibes Hostel. With an expansive central courtyard area that has a cocktail bar, sun deck, and outdoor swimming pool, it feels more like an aparthotel than a hostel at times.

Indoors, you’ll also find a huge games room with bean bags, TVs, and consoles, ready for you to test yourself against your fellow travelers. Located just 500m from the nearest metro station, this spacious hostel feels both super luxurious and convenient for exploring Medellin.

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10. Noah Boutique Hostel Medellin

Bustling El Poblado hostel with plenty of communal spaces and a roof terrace

Noah Boutique Hostel Medellin Image by:

Described as having one of the best hostel locations in Medellin, Noah Boutique Hostel has drawn travelers from all around the world, and with good reason. In addition to being within striking distance from the Poblado metro station, this place is surrounded by great bars and restaurants.

With plenty of space to relax on the rooftop terrace, including space to work remotely, it’s an ideal place to stay if you’re a digital nomad or you just need to check those emails in between tours and excursions!

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11. Purple Monkey Hostel

Party hostel with tons of personality

Purple Monkey Hostel Image by:

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be surrounded by so many insane bars and clubs without becoming a bit of a party hostel. Well, this is something that Purple Monkey Hostel embraces wholeheartedly. With a great onsite bar, social areas with plenty of music, and a hearty breakfast for the morning after, it’s ideal for travelers looking to stay out all night.

Purple Monkey Hostel also offers trips and tours including excursions to the football during the season, family-style meals, and of course, plenty of bar crawls around the local La Poblado area.

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12. Arcadia Hostel

Chilled-out Poblado hostel with tons of excursions

Arcadia Hostel Image by:

If you want to strike the balance between being in the thriving La Poblado location and having a chilled-out hostel, you need to stay at the Arcadia Hostel. With relaxing vibes, social areas that are ideal for meeting people over a beer or a game or two, and specialty dinner nights, like Greek night, it’s a perfect mix of relaxing and social.

When you stay at the Arcadia Hostel, you also get access to some awesome tours, and experiences like salsa lessons, free Comuna 13 tours, and day trips to the beautiful Guatape village.

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13. Centro Hostel

Centrally-located hostel with relaxing vibes

Centro Hostel Image by:

If you want to stay in the heart of Medellin’s beautiful downtown area, rather than in the nightlife hub of La Poblado, you should check into the Centro Hostel. Located in the middle of Downtown Medellin, you can easily reach all the main sights and stations in no time.

Perfect for travelers who want to spend their days exploring the city and want a relaxing base to return to, Centro Hostel is full of small but beautiful social areas with hammocks, couches, and bistro tables to enjoy a drink or two with a fellow traveler.

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14. La Familia Hostel

Budget-friendly hostel with great social vibes and a rooftop terrace

La Familia Hostel Image by:

Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend a fortune on accommodation when they’re traveling, so La Familia Hostel ticks a lot of boxes with its wallet-friendly rooms and great social scene.

With weekly free salsa classes on the huge rooftop terrace, barbecues, friendly drinks, and good vibes, what more can you ask for from one of the best hostels in Medellin? While it might not have all the frills and amenities of larger, more expensive places, this great budget hostel ticks all the boxes!

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15. Selina Medellin

Mega Hostel with tons of amenities and co-working facilities

Selina Medellin Image by:

It would be hard to have a list of the best hostels in Medellin without including the shining Selina Hostel. This brand of hostels is taking over the world with beautiful design, and high-end social amenities including a bar, outdoor sun terrace, lounges, a concert venue, and even a movie theater set up. Yep, Selina Hostels do not hold back and the Medellin outpost is no different.

However, one of the best things about Selina Medellin is the co-working space. While many hostels claim a small room or a couple of tables with a few sockets, the Selina has a full open office with ergonomic desks, chairs, printers, and more. It’s the perfect digital nomad set up where you can easily blend work and play.

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FAQs About Hostels in Medellin


Let’s round out this guide to the best hostels in Medellin with a couple of quick frequently asked questions.

How much do hostels cost in Medellin?

The average price for a dorm bed in Medellin is around $15 and a private room costs about $19. This is the average price, but you can get a dorm bed in the city for as little as $7 per night which is kind of insane! This is a lot cheaper than many cities in South America, so if you’re looking for value for money, you should check out Medellin.

If you’re traveling with a friend or loved one, it is probably worth booking private rooms in hostels rather than two dorm beds because it’s going to work out cheaper in the long run. It’ll only cost you around $9-10 per person per night and you’ll have the benefit of having your own space and security!

What are the best months to visit Medellin?

Like with a lot of tropical cities, Medellin is best visited either during the summer between June and August or during December. These are the peak times to visit the city, obviously coinciding with the festive season and the school summer holidays, but they are the driest periods and full of exciting festivals!

What is the cheapest month to go to Medellin?

The cheapest month to visit Medellin is normally around September, October and May, in the city’s shoulder season. This is either before or after the peak travel seasons so the weather might not be 100% ideal, but it’s definitely going to be better than the off-season and many of the tourist hotspots and attractions are likely to still be open!

What is the best part of Medellin to stay in?

For first time visitors to Medellin, it’s recommended that you stay in the El Poblado neighborhood. It’s a popular destination that’s super central and close to the top attractions and transport connections. El Poblado is also a great mix of tourist spots and local joints, so you can have the best of both worlds!

Is Medellin affordable?

According to recent studies, Medellin is in the top 10% of affordable cities in South America. So, if you’re looking for a cheap city to visit or settle down in while you’re in Colombia, Medellin is a great option. From cheap accommodation to reasonable and delicious restaurants and cafes, it’s easy to have a great time in this vibrant and historic city, without spending a fortune!

Is Medellin safer than Bogota?

Although every place has its good and no-so-good parts, overall Medellin is considered safer than Bogota. As you might expect, the Colombian capital has more petty crime due to the higher numbers of tourists. So, if you only visit one Colombian city and want to stay in a safer area, consider heading to Medellin.

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Rebecca Crowe

Rebecca Crowe

Rebecca Crowe is a freelance content writer who specializes in writing about travel, food, drink, and adventure. She specializes in budget and adventure travel content and can usually be found climbing some rocks, eating some tacos, or waiting around at the nearest airport.

Her best budget travel achievement was spending a weekend in Paris with Roland Garros tickets for under £150, although she's always on the lookout for even better adventure and travel deals!

If you want to keep up with her next adventure, check out her website at Wandering and Wine.

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