The 12 Best Luxury Hotel Chains in 2024

Last Updated: April 12th, 2024

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When we think of luxury hotels, we might imagine a skyscraper with a view of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, an overwater villa in the Maldives, or a stunning hotel with an infinity pool that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

While these are all incredible examples of luxury, we cannot help but think of specific hotel chains that are also renowned for their luxury. When planning a holiday that encompasses top-quality service, excellent amenities, world-class cuisine, and an idyllic location, some well-known luxury hotel brands have thought of it all.

In this article, we will explore the best luxury hotel brands worldwide who have made a name for themselves as reliable places to stay if luxury is your number one priority.

From Mandarin Oriental to Six Senses, we will explore what makes these hotel chains stand out from the crowd and what their secret is to attracting international luxury holidaymakers year in and year out.

So, no matter which part of the world you plan to explore next, if you are seeking luxury, then these top 12 luxury hotel chains have got you covered. Let’s dive in and see what makes them so sought after.

The 12 Best Luxury Hotel Chains

1. Aman

The leading ultra-lux hotel chain

Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand Image by: Aman

One of the reasons Aman is a world-famous hotel chain and, let’s face it – one of the best luxury hotel brands in the world is because of its sensational locations. While many other chains choose typical destinations like New York, Dubai, or The Maldives, Aman goes a step further and chooses almost unimaginable destinations, making them ultra-luxurious.

Amans hotels and resorts are often set in the world’s most remote locations like Turks & Caicos, Bhutan, or the Utah Dessert in the USA, which gives them that extra special factor, but there is more to these hotels than the location. Focusing on privacy, exclusivity, unique experiences, and seamless discreet service, it is no wonder Aman attracts those seeking an ultra-luxurious encounter in a world-class destination.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Unique locations
  • Designs inspired by the destination
  • Privacy and exclusivity
  • A variety of accommodation options (villas, yachts, residences, hotels, resorts)

Flagship Hotel – Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

2. Mandarin Oriental

A legendary global hotel chain

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Image by:

Mandarin Oriental is one of the world’s most famous award-winning hotel chains that many can instantly recognize. With a collection of hotels and resorts cleverly situated in some of the world’s most prestigious locations like Abu Dhabi, Miami, and Bangkok, Mandarin Oriental is a go-to hotel chain for those seeking a hotel with an excellent reputation.

This 5-star luxury hotel brand has been around for over 50 years, having begun in Hong Kong, and since then, the brand has made a name for itself in the world of luxury hotels. Best known for its legendary status, Mandarin Hotel is a hotel chain many holidaymakers feel privileged to stay in. It is no wonder many newer brands are taking a leaf out of their book since they have certainly set incredible standards in luxury hotels and resorts.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Prestigious locations
  • Service Excellence
  • A perfect fusion of 21st Century luxury and Oriental values
  • Michelin-star dining and award-winning bars

Flagship Hotel – Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

3. Four Seasons

One of the most recognized hotel chains

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto at Yorkville Image by:

The Four Seasons has been said to have changed and positively influenced the hotel industry in more ways than one. What started as a single-minded dedication to providing guests with the highest service standards evolved into one of the world’s best luxury hotel chains recognized worldwide. Having first opened its doors in 1961, the Four Seasons hotel chain changed the way we look at luxury travel and, to this day, remains a popular choice among travelers.

Four Seasons stands out because they have always been dedicated to genuinely treating people how they want to be treated. In addition, they strive to support local communities and the environment and focus on continual innovation, allowing them to grow and become better than ever. The Canadian hotel chain, which was started over 50 years ago, is one of the most recognizable in the world and only shows signs of growing in the best ways possible.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • A dedication to guests
  • A passionate team and crew
  • Over 100 properties on five continents
  • A focus on the highest standards of service

Flagship Hotel – Four Seasons Toronto, Canada

4. Soneva

Known for its paradise destinations

Soneva Fushi Image by:

When we think of luxury, we might imagine destinations like the Maldives or Thailand, and that is where Soneva comes in. Soneva is a hotel chain that inspires a truly incredible luxury vacation in these exact paradise locations, but not only that – their hotels are out of this world. What started as an idea to build back-to-nature luxury holiday resorts led to one of the world’s best and most spectacular chain of paradise hotels, which focus on crafting bespoke properties in an environmentally friendly way.

From their first hotel, Soneva Fushi, built on an uninhabited Maldivian island in 1995, to the stunning Soneva Kiri Hotel in Thailand in 2009, the hotel chain has changed how we look at luxury destination holidays. If it’s sensational views, overwater villas, or world-class wellness facilities at your disposal, Soneva is the place to relax, unwind, and indulge in some of the rarest experiences.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Bespoke designed hotels
  • Paradise locations
  • Environmentally friendly focus
  • Incredible and rare experiences

Flagship Hotel – Soneva Fushi, Maldives

5. St Regis

Dedicated to personalized service

The St. Regis New York Image by:

Commonly referred to as ‘The Best Address,’ St Regis is no stranger to luxury, considering it is one of the world’s best luxury hotel chains. Cocktail fans will know that the famous ‘Bloody Mary’ cocktail was invented in the St Regis New York in 1934, but many more features make this chain one of the world’s best in high standards. St Regis is managed by Mariott Hotel Group, the company behind Ritz Carlton, and has become a name everyone recognizes globally.

Well known for its butler service, elegance, and charm, St Regis has always made a name for itself as a place to indulge in the best personalized service. Having opened in 1905 in New York, the high-end hotel has expanded to feature luxury properties in places like Bermuda, Mexico, Italy, and beyond – in fact, St Regis has over 60 properties to choose from.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • High-end butler service
  • Immersive experiences
  • Classic sophistication and elegance
  • Timeless traditions and signature rituals

Flagship Hotel – St Regis, New York

6. Oberoi

Setting a standard for luxury hotel brands

The Oberoi Cecil Image by:

In 2022, Oberoi was named the number one hotel brand in the world according to Travel + Leisure World’s best awards, and there is no surprise why. The Oberoi hotel chain came about in 1934 when Mr M.S. Oberoi pioneered the idea of luxury hospitality in Shimla, India, leading to many prosperous years as one of the world’s best luxury hotel chains. Their motto is ‘the guest is everything,’ this is apparent in the service you receive, the genuine smiles, and the warm atmosphere while staying in one of the many Oberois worldwide.

Oberoi prides itself on its beautiful hotels, exceptional facilities, and world-class locations, yet what makes them stand out is their strong focus on their guest’s needs. This is the hotel to be seen, heard, and understood genuinely while immersed in ultra-luxury, which makes a fantastic combination for any guest.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • The guest comes first
  • Personalized service
  • Commitment to excellent
  • Consistent award winner

Flagship Hotel – Oberoi, Shimla, India

7. Shangri-La 

The pioneers of luxury Asian hospitality

Shangri-La Singapore Image by:

Known for its world-class service amidst tranquil and charming surroundings, Shangri-La is up there with the best luxury hotel chains worldwide. As the self-proclaimed ‘Pioneers of Asian hospitality,’ the Shangri-La Group offers guests a unique experience derived from their passion for customer service. Apart from their dedication to their guests, the award-winning luxury hotel brand is known for being the leader in sustainable growth and staying true to their Asian roots, which guests can experience from day one.

For nearly 50 years, the Shangri-La hotel chain has continued to surprise luxury holidaymakers by opening countless inspiring hotels in stunning locations like Mauritius, China, Japan, and Indonesia, to name but a few. The hotel is well known for its authentic Asian hospitality and focuses on bringing people together to eat, play, experience, and rest well.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Authentic Asian hospitality
  • Known for its service excellence
  • Asian heritage and traditions
  • World-class destinations

Flagship Hotel – Shangri-La, Singapore

8. One&Only Resorts

Renowned for its handpicked luxurious destinations

One&Only Reethi Rah Image by:

This award-winning collection of stunning destination resort hotels is what makes One&Only so famous in the luxury hotel industry. The luxury hotel chain was established in 2002 and expanded to various sensational destinations like Rwanda, Montenegro, South Africa, and Greece. One of the most fascinating things about One&Only Resorts is how much thought goes into handpicking their exclusive destination, which guests find extraordinary.

As well as having the chance to stay in some uniquely charming destinations, guests can expect personalized service, exceptional quality, unique experiences, and a warm atmosphere. One of the other top features is that each hotel is as different as the next, allowing for exceptional individuality, which adds to the luxury factor since no two hotels offer the same experience.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Handpicked locations
  • Collection of one-off resorts
  • Tailored experiences
  • Private homes and exclusive villas

Flagship Hotel – One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

9. Fairmont

Known for its charming locations and elegant design

Fairmont San Francisco Image by:

The Fairmont might come to mind when you think of the world’s best luxury hotel chains, especially if you have seen or stayed in one. This chain of hotels oozes charm and elegance, but above all, this is the hotel chain to choose if you value excellent service and world-class destinations, too. The luxury hotel brand, which dates to 1907 when the first Fairmont San Francisco opened, made a name for itself in those days as the place to be for glitz, glamour, and everything in between.

These days, the iconic hotel chain has become synonymous with the ‘place of occasion,’ and it is common for presidential meetings, political gatherings, and extravagant events. This timeless hotel is a fantastic luxury option for those seeking tradition and heritage mixed with a modern flare, and some of the most iconic Fairmont’s worldwide include Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and Fairmont Tremblant in Canada.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • A timeless hotel steeped in tradition
  • 80 luxury hotels globally
  • Extraordinary and magical locations
  • Thoughtful and remarkable service

Flagship Hotel – Fairmont San Francisco

10. Six Senses

The epitome of luxury and wellness

Six Senses Yao Noi Image by:

Set up in 1995 by the owners of Senova (featured in this article), Six Senses is a wellness-focused luxury hotel chain suited to those who want to focus on wellness and culture since many of their hotels are close to incredible world heritage sites. When it comes to luxurious wellness, you might say that Six Senses has been the pioneer of this fantastic concept, and these days, it is one of the most popular resorts for relaxing getaways to places like Oman, Fiji, and Bhutan.

Their selection of incredible destinations allows guests to visit places they might have only dreamt about while indulging in fabulous surroundings, top-class service, and luxury. If their approach to luxurious wellness is not enough, their incredibly designed hotels will captivate just about everyone; just take Six Senses Zil Payson in the Seychelles, for instance.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Tailored approach to wellness
  • Idyllic locations
  • Incredible Six Senses experiences
  • Unique eco-design

Flagship Hotel – Six Senses Yao Noi, Thailand

11. Kempinski 

Europe’s oldest luxury hotel brand

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin Image by:

The prestigious luxury hotel chain Kempinski has been welcoming guests for 125 years, and they show no signs of slowing down. Why would they, since they are one of the top leaders in providing guests with memorable and meaningful journeys? While plenty of extraordinary features make Kempinski one of the best luxury hotel brands, we must admit that their destination choices are top-notch.

If you choose Kempinski, you can stay in places like Munich, Cancun, Doha, and Tel Aviv, to name but a few stunning destinations. For the epitome of pure luxury, guests must experience the iconic Kempinski suites, which are out of this world and feature dedicated butlers, private pools, and chauffeurs, to name but a few perks.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • Butler service
  • 77 5-star hotels in 35 countries
  • Europe’s oldest luxury hotel brand
  • Award-winning wellness experience

Flagship Hotel – Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin, Germany

12. Sandals Resorts

The leader in all-inclusive luxury

Sandals Montego Bay All Inclusive – Couples Only Image by:

Regarding luxury resorts in glorious tropical destinations, you cannot overlook Sandals Resorts, one of the best luxury hotel chains in recent years. They focus primarily on luxury beach vacations and do it very well; just look at their destinations, for example. With all-inclusive resorts in places like Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, and Barbados, Sandals is committed to providing guests with top-notch surroundings and panoramic views.

Sandals set itself apart from other luxury hotel chains globally. It focuses on world-class all-inclusive vacations featuring incredible experiences like PADI diving courses, golf courses, and unlimited gourmet dining. It is also the top hotel chain for destination weddings.

Top Hotel Chain Features:

  • All-inclusive luxury
  • A focus on tropical vacations
  • Fabulous paradise destinations
  • A popular hotel chain for weddings

Flagship Hotel – Sandals, Montego Bay

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Jade is a seasoned traveller, yoga enthusiast, adventure seeker and travel writer passionate about seeing the world and sharing hidden gems with others. As well as having travelled to 91 countries thus far, she has written for several websites and published her first book ‘The Ultimate Irish Road Trip Guide’. She is a keen writer of satirical articles, as well as ‘The best things to do’ and ‘The best dishes to try’ around the globe. Jade is currently on a campervan adventure around Europe, where she continues to get her travel and food inspiration. She is excited to share what she discovers with her readers.

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