The 12 Best Over Water Bungalows In The Philippines

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: January 22nd, 2024

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With over 7,000 islands and gorgeous untouched white sand beaches, the Philippines is the ultimate island castaway destination, and nothing quite completes the Swiss Family Robinson fantasy quite like staying at one of the island nations’ numerous over-water bungalow resorts.

Found within some of the country’s most isolated settings, these luxury accommodation options place guests in some of the world’s most exclusive natural areas, providing upscale experiences with nightly rates much more affordable than similar-style stays in other regions of the world.

From remote, private island getaways to magical hidden coves, these are the 12 best over-water bungalows in the Philippines.

The 12 Best Over Water Bungalows In The Philippines

1. Apulit Island Resort

A Tropical Private Island Adventure Resort

Apulit Island Resort Image by: EL NIDO Resorts

The idyllic isolated island experience, Apulit Island Resort is a full eco-adventure set along the shores of Tay Tay Bay and promises a thrilling combination of rustic island adventures with the premium comforts of a luxury over water bungalow resort.

The resort features 50 traditionally designed water cottages floating atop the crystal clear waters of the bay. While each unit is designed with authentic rustic charms, each features entirely modern amenities that include air conditioning, LCD TVs, daily housekeeping, and furnished balconies with surreal views of the water and island.

The luxury of Apulit Island Resort extends to its communal facilities, which include a private beach, spa services, an outdoor pool, and babysitting services available for an additional charge.

Meanwhile, for entertainment, guests can enjoy onsite volleyball, windsurfing, or kayaking or venture inland for cliff jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, and spelunking.

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2. Cauayan Island Resort and Spa

Luxury Island Resort With Lagoon-Top Bungalows

Cauayan Island Resort Image by:

The pinnacle of luxury island resorts in the Philippines, Cauayan Island Resort and Spa promises a breathtaking natural setting complete with lush greenery and rustic palm-fringed hillside beaches while providing a lap of opulence with premium onsite amenities and facilities.

Cauayan Island Resort offers its premium lodging in a selection of private villas scattered throughout the island, with its more luxurious options being its water-bound bungalows found within its picturesque lagoon.

Whether staying along the beachfront or on the water, each unit is equipped with top-of-the-line comforts, including a mini bar, modern decor, and a private balcony with unique and surreal views of the island.

For added convenience, the property features an extensive complex of onsite facilities, such as an onsite restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool with a poolside bar, and a beautiful garden area for enjoying the natural flora of the tropical setting.

The resort also offers a great variety of entertainment options and activities, including kayaking, island hopping, and diving experiences at 15 different dive sites scattered throughout the surrounding islands.

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3. Lagen Island Resort

A Romantic Island Bungalow Experience

Lagen Island Resort Image by: EL NIDO Resorts

Boasting an outdoor pool with sun loungers and umbrellas, massage treatment rooms, concierge services, and an extensive event venue with wedding service, the Lagen Island Resort is one of the best hotels with over water bungalows in the Philippines for couples or a family holiday.

While the resort offers a variety of accommodation options, including forest suites and rooms and beachfront rooms, the premier room option is the hotel’s water cottages.

These stilt-bound bungalows sit directly atop the scenic Bancuit Bay and are equipped with luxury amenities, including a private terrace offering direct access to the cove along with awe-inspiring views of the island’s rugged natural landscapes.

Along with enjoying top-of-line in-room comforts, guests staying at Lagen Island Resort receive access to the resort’s onsite restaurant, garden, and library, along with great entertainment options such as table tennis, volleyball, badminton, and water sport rentals at the onsite Marine Sports Centre.

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4. Miniloc Island Resort

A Private Island Resort Offering A Complete Cultural Adventure

Miniloc Island Resort Image by:

Offering the full island adventure experience, Miniloc Island Resort offers the best over-water bungalows for thrill seekers. Combining luxury with intrepid exploration activities, this 5-star resort features an extensive complex designed to reflect a traditional coastal village, complete with bamboo huts and rattan furnishings.

The resort offers various lodging options, including its garden cottages, sea view rooms, and beachside rooms, but the highlight is the complex’s amazing over-water bungalows. Each of these premium units is equipped with premium luxury amenities, including a minibar, vanity area, and elegant private bathrooms.

Regardless of your room choice, each guest staying at the resort receives access to communal facilities that include an extensive outdoor swimming pool, an onsite restaurant and bar, and a full-service spa and wellness center.

Meanwhile, the resort’s rugged island setting, surrounded by life-fill, crystal-clear waters, provides for a world of outdoor adventures, including tropical hikes, windsurfing, sailing, and diving.

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5. Tugawe Cove Resort

Hillside Cabanas And Over Water Bungalows In A Picturesque Cove

Tugawe Cove Resort Image by:

While it may not boast its own private island, Tugawe Cove Resort promises an equally as beautiful natural setting with a sense of remote isolation from its location within a picturesque cove.

Nestled within the limestone hills of the coast, Tigawe Cove Resort features a private beach area, a beautiful infinity pool, an onsite restaurant, and a spa and wellness center, providing a full-service stay promoting tranquillity and relaxation.

For adventure seekers, the resort also offers plenty of outdoor activities to explore the lush island mountains and vibrant aquatic ecosystems, with hiking, snorkeling, and island-hopping tours offered by the property. For more low-key entertainment, the resort also offers a billiards table along with fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing rentals.

The resort offers its premium accommodation in a selection of hillside cabanas and over-water bungalows floating atop the azure waters of the cove. Each unit is equipped with a variety of comfort amenities, including flatscreen TVs, luxurious bathroom facilities, and private balconies with fantastic views.

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6. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Family-Friendly Resort With Over Water Bungalows

Pearl Farm Beach Resort Image by: Pearl Farm Resort

Offering something for guests of all ages, the Pearl Farm Beach Resort is one of the best accommodation options for families in the Philippines, offering waterfront bungalows.

The extensive complex features two outdoor pools lined with sun loungers and umbrellas, two outdoor tennis courts, kayaking and water skiing rentals, and an onsite buffet restaurant offering a selection of delicious dishes.

Further kid-friendly facilities include a children’s library and craft area, and babysitting services available at an extra charge. Meanwhile, adults can take advantage of the property’s opposite gym, extensive spa complex, and onsite bar. The resort also offers free shuttle services for exploring the surrounding area.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers its premium lodging services in 70 distinct rooms, including a selection of over-water bungalows. Regardless of your room option, each unit is equipped with luxurious bathrooms, flatscreen TVs, and private balconies surrounded by a variety of natural settings.

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7. Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort

A Wellness Retreat Set Within A Therapeutic Reservation

Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort Image by:

Set along the picturesque shores of Culion Island, Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort combines luxury and a pristine, untouched setting for an experience that blends absolute modern comforts with a sense of adventurous exploration.

This opulent resort complex features two onsite restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, an extensive private beach area, a fitness facility, and a full-service spa and wellness center.

Meanwhile, thanks to its location within the Culion Reservation, the resort offers plenty of adventure activities, including hiking and biking through its intrepid tree-covered landscapes or snorkeling through its vibrant aquatic ecosystems.

The resort offers its top-of-the-line accommodations in a selection of private villas and suites, with its most exclusive lodgings being its over-the-water bungalows.

Regardless of your room choice, guests can expect premium in-room amenities that include luxury bathrooms, a mini fridge, and flatscreen TV with satellite channels, while those staying in a bungalow receive the open addition with a private balcony with water access and beautiful views.

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8. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Extensive Luxury Resort With Water Bungalows Near Cebu City

Plantation Bay Resort Image by:

Set within one of the world’s largest privately owned lagoons, Plantation Bay Resort offers a one-of-a-kind stay just a short drive from the center of Cebu City.

Spanning 28 acres, Plantation Bay is one of the most extensive resorts in the Philippines and boasts four swimming pools, five onsite restaurants and bars, a 6-acre saltwater lagoon, and a full-service spa offering Japanese-inspired treatments and massages.

As for entertainment, the resort features water slides, archery, tennis courts, a golf course, and a rock climbing wall. Meanwhile, several excursions are available through the onsite tour desk, including snorkeling adventures and inland hikes.

Plantation Bay features a selection of 255 rooms, each equipped with 5-star amenities that include a spacious 290 square-foot floor plan, an elegant bathroom, and private balconies with lagoon or oceanfront views.

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9. Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa

Luxury Coastal Bungalows Near Manila

Kamana Sanctuary Resort Image by:

Located along the shore south of Olongap, Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa provides an upscale retreat conveniently set to serve as a fantastic base for exploring Luzon Island while embracing a myriad of onsite amenities and services.

The extensive resort complex features an outdoor swimming pool with sea views, a palm-fringed private beach area with beachside hammocks, a beach tennis court, an onsite restaurant, a basketball court, and an outdoor playground for children. Frisbees and kayaks are also available to rent from the hotel’s front desk.

Kamana Sanctuary Resort offers a variety of room options, but the best choice is the property’s stilt-bound over-water bungalows, which provide direct access to the sea and offer surreal views of the surrounding region.

Whether you stay in a bungalow or private room, each unit at the resort offers luxury amenities, including flatscreen TVs, spacious sitting areas, and elegantly styled designs, emphasizing the opulent atmosphere.

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10. Grace Island Resort

Floating Bungalows Connected To Small Private Island Getaway

Grace Island Resort Image by:

Promising stereotypical over-water bungalows, Grace Island Resort takes the traditional form of this luxury accommodation option and elevates it to a whole new standard.

Set on the small private island of San Jose, these opulent lodgings reach out from the island’s picturesque shores to form a network of stilt-bound villas connecting via a singular boardwalk walkway.

Each chalet is equipped with luxury amenities and features a wrap-around porch from which you can just directly into the crystal clear waters of the sea or simply unwind while admiring the sunrise or sunset views over the tranquil horizon.

This remote island getaway enhances the sense of idyllic isolation through the fact that it is only accessible via a boat ride from the mainland that takes approximately one hour to navigate. However, once here, guests have a world of activities at their fingertips, including snorkeling, jet skiing, and much more.

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11. Club Tara Resort

Affordable Over Water Bungalows For Luxury On A Budget

Club Tara Resort Image by:

Offering one of the best-valued over-water bungalow experiences for affordable nightly rates, Club Tara Resort is the perfect setting for enjoying luxury accommodation without having to break the bank.

Set on the idyllic island of Bucas Grande, this luxury resort features an extensive complex of facilities, including a large outdoor pool, a private beach area, an onsite restart, and an activities desk offering snorkeling and canoe rentals.

Club Tara Resort offers its premium accommodation services in a selection of stilt-bound wooden bungalows, each equipped with a fridge, hot tub, luxury bathroom, and private balcony with views of the reflective sea and surrounding lush foliage.

Meanwhile, for entertainment, guests can venture into the water, where they will find a colorful world of abundant sea life, or head inland to explore nearby caves, rock formations, and hiking trails.

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12. Huma Island Resort & Spa

5-Star Island Resort With Extensive Amenities And Facilities

Set on the romantic private island of Palawan, Huma Island Resort is a luxury, 5-star accommodation complex boasting an extensive catalog of onsite facilities and amenities that enhance the tropical island getaway experience.

Each of the resort’s 81 thatch-roofed villas places guests directly atop turquoise waters, providing limitless access to the magical underwater world presiding beneath the Sulu Sea. Meanwhile, in-room comforts include luxury amenities and an outdoor deck with a whirlpool, shower, and hammock.

Guests staying at the resort also receive a massive variety of facilities at their fingertips, including an onsite restaurant and bar, an extensive fitness center, a beautiful infinity pool with sweeping views, and an aquatic facility offering jet skiing, banana boat rides, kayaking, and scuba diving excursions.

Overall, Huma Island Resort and Spa provides the romantic, isolated island experience while providing 5-star accommodation for a stay that blends luxurious pampering with a sense of rugged adventure.

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FAQs About Over Water Bungalows In The Philippines


How much does an overwater bungalow cost in the Philippines?

Prices for an over-water bungalow in the Philippines vary throughout the year. Still, if you are traveling outside of peak season, you can typically expect to find mid-range water villas starting at around 300 EUR per night, while budget options can be found for about 100 EUR per night. Meanwhile, the most opulent bungalow resorts tend to start at around 500+ EUR per night.

Where are the best over water bungalows in the Philippines?

Over water bungalows can be found across the Philippines. However, the best, most luxurious options tend to be found on their own private islands, typically within the El Nido region.

What is the best over water bungalow in the Philippines?

This largely comes down to personal preference, with each water bungalow resort offering its own unique experiences. Still, the Apulit Island Resort and Miniloc Island Resort tend to be the best options for those seeking a luxury experience, while Plantation Bay Resort is the best option for getting the most value out of your travel dollars.

Where is the cheapest overwater bungalow in the Philippines?

Those looking for the over water experience without the typical costs that come with the luxury accommodation option will find the most affordable nightly rates at Club Tara Resort.

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Kurt Norris

Kurt Norris

A Canada-based freelance writer, Kurt acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor. Upon graduating, Kurt left the courtside media desk behind and began venturing the globe. Throughout his journeys, Kurt enjoys partaking in slow travel and loves to explore the histories and cultures of each destination, which he shares with others through his writing.

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