The 20 Best Resort Towns In Mexico (2024 Guide)

Rebecca Crowe
Last Updated: February 13th, 2024

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Looking for the best resort towns in Mexico for an upcoming vacation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide! From beachfront party towns to relaxing escapes from reality to foodie and family-friendly hotspots, there are so many options for you to choose from.

So, no matter what your vacation vibe is and what you’re looking for out of your trip to Mexico, one of these fantastic resort towns in Mexico is bound to be the perfect fit for you and your loved ones.

Let’s dive in and find out more!

The 20 Best Resort Towns in Mexico

1. Cabo San Lucas


Let’s be honest, we couldn’t have a list of the best resort towns in Mexico without including Cabo San Lucas. Located right on the tip of the stunning Baja Peninsula, Cabo is known for luxury real estate, gorgeous beach resorts, and amazing restaurants.

There are plenty of high-end, upscale places to stay and things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Although it definitely has a party vibe, there are a lot more cocktail bars and fancy clubs than happy hour ragers.

If you’re looking for things to do, some of the most popular activities include whale watching, boat trips, hiking the iconic Arch, or just kicking back and relaxing on the soft golden sands. Is this paradise? We don’t know, but it’s got to be pretty close!

2. Puerto Vallarta


If you’re looking for amazing beaches during the daytime, incredible nightlife in the evening, and plenty of water sports to entertain yourself, then Puerto Vallarta is the spot for you.

This Pacific Coast wonderland has been welcoming party travelers for decades. However, if you want to explore in the daylight hours away from the bars and beach clubs, you can check out the beautiful El Malecón promenade, cobblestoned old town, and beautiful historic churches.

There are plenty of places to stay from backpacker party hostels to expat neighborhoods to fancy resorts that back right onto the beachfront, so whatever your budget or your vibe, there’s a place for you in Puerto Vallarta.

3. Tulum


Are you on the hunt for a more laidback, relaxing resort town in Mexico? Well, Tulum might be right up your street. With a cool and friendly beach town, a stunning sandy beach, and plenty of archeological ruins and cenotes within a short drive or cycle distance, it’s the perfect place to visit to get your fill of Mexican culture.

Located on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico, the highlight of the Tulum area for beach lovers has to be the Parque Nacional Tulum. This coastal national park means that the beaches here are in pristine condition and are well-maintained and protected!

Just because this is a laidback resort town doesn’t mean that there isn’t any nightlife. Tulum town has plenty of bars, lounges, and adult-only resorts to enjoy after you’ve spent your day on the beach or exploring the local area!

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4. Cancun


As probably the most famous resort town in Mexico, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without including Cancun. Located on the southern Caribbean coastline, Cancun is split into two main areas – El Centro and Zona Hotelera.

If you want to be in the hustle and bustle of the town with its bars, restaurants, and local vibes, head towards El Centro. On the other hand, if your vibe is more resort and beach-centric, the Zona Hotelera is going to be more your speed.

Zona Hotelera is the beating heart of touristy Cancun, as the name suggests, home to all the major hotels, beach clubs, and resorts. Stay in the fanciest resorts, with the best views of the ocean, and plenty of water sports and cocktails to keep you going all day long!

5. Isla Mujeres


Want to kick back and relax in an island paradise? Well, if you travel across the Bahia de Mujeres – or Bay of Women – from Cancun, you’ll arrive at the breathtaking Isla Mujeres.

Known for its laidback vibes, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and amazing snorkeling scene, Isla Mujeres is the perfect chilled-out location to rest and recuperate. There are also plenty of high-end bars, resorts, and restaurants all around the Playa Norte area, so you can have your fill of nightlife before spending your hangover on the soft sands!

If you want a lazy vacation while being surrounded my gorgeous natural surroundings, then there’s probably no better place in Mexico than the Isla Mujeres.

6. Cozumel Island


If you’re someone who loves diving or discovering world-class wildlife, then you’re going to be in your element on the tranquil Cozumel Island. One of the biggest highlights of heading to Cozumel Island has to be the Museo Subacuático de Arte.

The Museo Subacuático de Arte is an underwater sculpture park that you snorkel or scuba dive to visit. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen and is a bucketlist destination!

Back on the coast, you can check out the Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. This water park looks out over the lagoon and gives you the opportunity to swim with dolphins and snorkel with other amazing animals!

7. Playa del Carmen


If you want to stay in a Mexican resort town that combines lively bars with a cool, laid-back vibe, then check out Playa del Carmen. This town has a great mix of family-friendly places to stay and things to do, and a decent nightlife scene to let loose once in a while.

Combine this with stunning beaches and bright blue water, and you have one of the best vacation spots in the whole of Mexico. Away from the beachfront, there are plenty of mysterious cenotes and amazing eco-parks, like the super popular Xcaret Eco Park,  to keep everyone entertained in the Mexican sunshine!

8. Merida


If you’re not too bothered about being on the beachfront, but still want to be surrounded by Mexican culture and high-end resorts, consider staying in Merida.

As the capital of the Yucatan, Merida is full of beautiful buildings, great things to do like the Mayan World Museum of Mérida and the Dzibilchaltún ruins, and plenty of modern city amenities.

For the ocean lovers, the nearest beach is just 30 miles away, so it’s an easy day trip out to the coast. If you love colonial architecture, then you’re going to love Merida.

With Spanish influence around every corner, brightly colored buildings, and of course, plenty of native Mayan architecture and ruins in the immediate area, it’s a cultural hotspot in the heart of Mexico!

9. Puerto Escondido


Want to stay in the surfing mecca of Mexico? Well then, there’s only one resort town for you and that’s Puerto Escondido. This laidback, bohemian surf town is the ideal place to hang out and relax with a beer and a delicious local taco!

The main beach break in the area has to be Zicatela Beach, which is always pretty busy thanks to the consistent surf and world-renowned status as one of the best breaks on the planet. As such, the surrounding beaches are probably better spots to learn how to surf, as they’re not as packed!

When you come back in from your daily surf, you can get ready for a night on the town with plenty of beach bars and nightclubs, as well as amazing street food stops and restaurants. After all, Puerto Escondido is in Oaxaca, one of the best places for authentic Mexican cuisine!

10. Acapulco


If you want a picture-perfect Mexican destination that has both flawless beaches and insanely beautiful mountains to be explored, then you need to book a stay in Acapulco. With the mighty Sierra Madre del Sur mountains right on your doorstep, it’s the perfect mix of relaxing beach vibes and active opportunities.

Looking for high-octane adrenaline rushes or you just want to see some of the best cliff-diving professionals in the world? You need to head to La Quebrada, a legendary cliff diving spot that descends over one of the most beautiful secluded coves in the area.

11. Sayulita


With amazing indigenous galleries, a strong surf scene at Sayulita Beach and stunning Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, there are so many things to love about Sayulita. Whether you want to wander around the town sampling all the delicious street food, hit up a local yoga retreat, or spend your day lounging on the beach, it’s a perfect place to stay.

If you’re looking for a wonderful day trip from Sayulita, check out the amazing Marieta Islands. Here you can see a whole host of awesome wildlife including whales and dolphins! Depending on the season, you might be able to see humpback whales on their annual migration!

12. Mazatlan


If you love big game fishing, super long boardwalks that are perfect for wandering along, and a stunning old town that’s full of historic buildings, it’s time to check out the Sinaloa resort town of Mazatlan. With the Malecon boardwalk stretching for an incredible 12km, you can take in the sweeping coastal views for hours!

In the Centro Histórico, or Old Town, you can find amazing architecture including striking churches and the Teatro Ángela Peralta which has its roots in the 18th century. If you’re lucky, there might even be a show or two at this iconic Mexican performance hall!

13. San Jose del Cabo


So, if you’re heading towards the southern tip of Baja California, you have a couple of options. While the fancy and party-seeking hordes head to Cabo San Lucas, travelers who want a more chilled-out experience stay in San Jose del Cabo.

While you still get all the beautiful sandy beaches and wildlife spotting opportunities that you’d get in Cabo, San Jose del Cabo is also known for its colonial architecture, including Spanish missions and stunning gallery spaces. If you’re after a resort town in Mexico that has a more laidback attitude without sacrificing natural beauty, check out San Jose del Cabo.

14. Huatulco


One of the most interesting things about the Oaxacan paradise of Huatulco is that it’s actually made up on nine different bays. That means that there are miles upon miles of soft, sandy beaches, secret coves, and spaces to relax on the edge on the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re looking for the best resort areas in Huatulco, then you need to head to Tangolunda Bay. Here, you’ll find bountiful golf courses, expansive five-star luxury resorts, and all the upscale amenities and services you’d expect from a top tier Mexican resort town.

15. Manzanillo


Looking for a great mix of vibrant water sports and bustling resorts on the Pacific Coast of Mexico? Pack your bags and journey to Manzanillo. With two main beaches providing plentiful sunbathing opportunities, as well as great surf breaks and paddleboarding excursions, it’s a great spot for families.

If you’re looking to journey further afield, there are also a handful of amazing dive sites off the coast of Manzanillo which include shipwrecks and coral reefs, so there is plenty to explore under the waves! Prefer to be out of the water but still want to explore the ocean? Manzanillo is a key place to go deep-sea fishing, so get yourself on a tour!

16. Ensenada


Probably best known as one of Baja California’s most popular cruise stops, Ensenada is a beautiful port city that is ideal for a Mexican getaway if you’re not wholly concerned about sandy beaches.

This charming city is full of cultural sights like the Museum of History and the Riviera de Ensenada, so if you want to learn more about the local area, this is a great place to do so.

Outside of the cultural center, there are a whole host of coastal hikes that you can check out, taking in the gorgeous bluffs that face the Pacific Ocean.

Ensenada is also known as the wine capital of Mexico, so make sure you check out a vineyard or two to get your fill of the local brews!

17. Puerto Peñasco


If you’re looking for just a short hop across the US border into Mexico, head to Puerto Peñasco, otherwise known as Rocky Point. Located just 65 miles over the border from Arizona, this small fishing town is full of sandy beaches and relaxing vibes.

It’s also home to The Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, thanks to it’s coastal location and short driving distance to the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure Mexican resort town getaway that’s full of scientific discovery and nature, check out Puerto Peñasco.

18. Zihuatanejo


Now you probably know Zihuatanejo from the iconic film, The Shawshank Redemption, as the Mexican town where the main character wants to escape to, and it’s easy to see why. The sweeping bay with its azure waters and white sand beaches certainly look like paradise.

With Zihuatanejo’s history as a fishing hub, there are so many amazing seafood restaurants to be found all around this area, as well as plenty of wildlife boat trips to be enjoyed further out to sea. You might even see dolphins and sea turtles on your trip!

19. Rosarito


If you’re looking for a party hotspot just a short drive from the US border, beach resort towns don’t come much better than Rosarito. Known for its beach parties, nightlife, and club scene, it’s a super popular spot with Americans who are just driving down to Mexico for a few days.

Once you’ve had your fill of partying, why not hit up one of the many surf beaches including Rosarito Beach or near Medio Camino, which is a short drive south. Both are known for their year-round decent surf conditions, and make for the perfect Mexican hangover cure!

20. Akumal


When you think of quintessential resort towns in Mexico, the image that springs to mind probably isn’t far off the reality of being in Akumal. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Akumal is best known for the stunning Half Moon Bay.

This bay provides a sheltered lagoon for swimming and snorkeling, surrounded by gorgeous palm trees, white sand, and charming beach huts.

If you want to meet the local wildlife, head on a snorkeling trip to Yal-ku Lagoon, a beautiful cenote where you can meet stingrays, tropical fish, and even barracudas in the stunning, clear waters!

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Rebecca Crowe

Rebecca Crowe

Rebecca Crowe is a freelance content writer who specializes in writing about travel, food, drink, and adventure. She specializes in budget and adventure travel content and can usually be found climbing some rocks, eating some tacos, or waiting around at the nearest airport.

Her best budget travel achievement was spending a weekend in Paris with Roland Garros tickets for under £150, although she's always on the lookout for even better adventure and travel deals!

If you want to keep up with her next adventure, check out her website at Wandering and Wine.

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