The 17 Best Restaurants in Adelaide, Australia (By a Local)

Vanessa Elle
Last Updated: January 22nd, 2024

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Adelaide’s culinary culture has been influenced by over a century of migration from all corners of the globe. You can find just about any cuisine here among the array of eateries that meet every budget and dining style. A new restaurant pops up on the food scene just about every week, but I’ve rounded up my current top picks below.


17 of the Best Restaurants in Adelaide

1. Restaurant Botanic

Modern Australian • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The tranquil rotunda setting of the Botanic Restaurant. Image by: Michael Coghlan / Flickr

Restaurant Botanic is the fancy restaurant to end all fancy restaurants in Adelaide. If you want to eat world-class food in a romantic setting—and don’t mind splurging—you can’t go wrong with this recently updated establishment, set in the lavish Adelaide Botanic Garden.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu created by Chef Justin James which features more than 20 “flavor combinations” to discover. You’ll find unique Australian ingredients on the menu, including green ants and bunya-bunya branches, and can wash down the distinct tastes with an extensive wine and cocktail list.

Restaurant Botanic is different from most fancy restaurants in that you won’t be looked down upon for not knowing which fork to use—eating with your hands, to really absorb those Aussie flavors, is encouraged.

2. Africola

African • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The outside of Africola beside the Botanic Hotel on East Terrrace. Image by: Michael Coghlan / Flickr

Located on the eastern fringe of the CBD, Africola is Adelaide’s most beloved answer to African cuisine. What began as a mainly South African BBQ banquet joint now serves up morsels from right across the continent, from the Peri-Peri sauce of Mozambique to the Middle-Eastern inspired dishes—think hummus and falafel—popular in the north African countries of Egypt and Morocco.

Since opening in 2014, Africola has been widely praised across the local and national media, winning the Adelaide Advertiser Restaurant of the Year award in 2017, and described as “Ottolenghi on Steroids” by the Guardian in 2019.

3. ITL Italian Kitchen

Italian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The breakfasts at ITL are as good as the dinners.

The 1950s brought the mass migration of Italian migrants to Australia, with a large number settling in Adelaide. Undoubtedly, this influenced the local culinary traditions, with several Italian delis and restaurants popping up all over the city over the next seven decades.

One of the best newer restaurants in Adelaide is ITL Italian Kitchen, which is located in the award-winning hotel Eos by SkyCity in the CBD.

Serving mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas (Neapolitan style) along with a range of Italian staple entrees and mains, ITL is one of the city’s must-visit food destinations. They’re also open for breakfast and lunch, where you’ll be able to enjoy daytime views over the newly renovated Festival Plaza outside.

4. Meat & Wine Co.

Steakhouse • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The Meat Wine Co Adelaide Image by: The Meat and Wine Co.

A national steakhouse, Meat & Wine Co. opened its first Adelaide restaurant in 2021, and it has since become a must for carnivores. With African-inspired décor, the restaurant’s menu masters steak, specializing in aged and premium cuts, but there are other options too.

For those who aren’t steak-eaters, there are skewers, burgers, sides and salads, slow-cooked ribs, and even a few chicken and seafood options to choose from. The menu is designed both for sharing and for each diner to have their own plate—if they can finish it.

5. Golden Boy

Thai • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Golden Boy’s outdoor terrace dining. Image by: Michael Coghlan / Flickr

On the corner of North Terrace and East Terrace, overlooking the eastern parklands and the entrance of the Adelaide Botanic Garden, lies one of the state’s favorite Thai restaurants. Offering a fresh menu packed with authentic flavors and renowned dishes, Golden Boy is a shining star of premium quality contemporary dining, located in a historic building that will transport you back to the days of early Adelaide.

Golden Boy is one of Adelaide’s busiest establishments with vine-wrapped outdoor terrace dining and indoor booths by the Cellar Bar. This is definitely one you’ll need to book in advance!

6. Osteria Oggi

Italian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Osteria Oggi Adelaide Image by: Osteria Oggi

Osteria Oggi in the CBD is where tradition meets innovation. Serving up Italian staple dishes in a piazza-inspired setting complete with intimate seating, a wine cellar, and cobblestone, Osteria is one of Adelaide’s top Mediterranean eateries.

Along with the escapist décor that makes it one of the most romantic restaurants in Adelaide, Osteria Oggi prides itself on fresh house-made pasta, chef’s selection tasting menus, and a particularly delicious Tiramisù affogato. This is another one you’ll want to book ahead of time to avoid being disappointed.

7. Orso

Modern Australian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The ORSO Cellar Image by: Orso Kensington

Orso is one of the few restaurants I’ve included that isn’t in the Adelaide CBD (although it’s only about five minutes out of the city!). Located in the eastern suburb of Kensington, Orso is known for its seafood and wines, along with its range of creative pasta dishes, all served in four stunning dining spaces.

Attached to the restaurant is Willmott’s Gastronomia, a deli and takeout joint with a much more casual vibe. Here you’ll find breakfast, lunch, and hot bar snacks served until late, including fresh paninis filled with produce from the deli fridge.

8. Peel Street Restaurant

Asian Fusion • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Peel Street Restaurant Image by: Peel St

Peel Street is one of Adelaide’s premier nightlife laneways, running adjacent to the equally popular Leigh Street and filled with a selection of bars and restaurants. One of the most acclaimed eateries to pop up on the strip is Peel Street Restaurant, which serves lunch, drinks, and snacks, and of course, dinner until late.

The Asian-Australian-fusion menu features fresh locally sourced produce, ranging from old favorites—think kingfish sashimi—to the new and creative—banana blossom salad with shredded chicken, peanuts, chili jam, and lime leaf. These flavorful dishes are served in an industrial yet welcoming set-out.

9. Shiki

Japanese • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Ready for Teppanyaki at Adelaide’s most prestigious Japanese restaurant.

A pillar of the Adelaide up-market dining scene, Shiki has been impressing guests since 1988 with its open-station teppanyaki, which also makes it one of the most unique restaurants in Adelaide. Diners are treated to an indulgent menu of sashimi, sushi, and of course, several Japanese delicacies cooked to perfection in a fire show by specially trained teppanyaki chefs.

Shiki is set in a chic dining space in the InterContinental Hotel on North Terrace. With cold dishes starting at $18 AUD (around $12 USD), and set menus starting at $175 per person, a night at Shiki won’t come cheap. But it will be worth it.

10. Borsa Pasta Cucina

Italian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Borsa Pasta Cucina Adelaide Image by: Borsa Pasta Cucina

Love pasta? Then Borsa Pasta Cucina should definitely be on your Adelaide foodie bucket list. Arguably the city’s favorite pasta joint, Borsa is less stiff than a fine-dining restaurant, but also more fancy than your run-of-the-mill Italian café.

Borsa is conveniently located in the CBD and is open for lunch and dinner. They specialize in fresh pasta, but there are also dry pasta options and a few meat dishes to choose from. There’s nothing ground-breaking about the menu: they rely on top food quality rather than novelties to draw in returning crowds.

11. Magill Estate Kitchen

Modern Australian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Magill Estate Kitchen in Adelaide Image by: Magille State Kitchen

Adelaide is known for its wine scene, and you normally have to venture just out of the city to experience the best of the wine country. One of the premiere wineries, though, is located not 20 minutes from the CBD in the leafy eastern suburbs. Penfolds is also attached to one of the best five-star restaurants in Adelaide: Magill Estate Kitchen.

Perfect for a lavish brunch or lunch, the Magill Estate specializes in fancy twists on crowd-pleasing dishes. Stop by for a mortadella muffin with cheese, jalapeno, green tomato relish, a fried egg, or burrata, fresh fig, fennel and onion jam, and potato bread.

You can complete your visit with a tour of the Magill Estate Cellar Door, or pair some share dishes with a wine tasting.

12. The Greek

Greek • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The Greek Restaurant in Adelaide Image by: The Greek

There’s always a new restaurant opening in Adelaide, but there are a few established mainstays of the culinary scene that just can’t be knocked off their pedestal. The Greek is one of them—a family favorite dating back 20 years, this restaurant is acclaimed around the country for serving modern Greek food with a twist.

Situated in the CBD in a restored heritage building, The Greek is known for its Mediterranean must-haves: spanakopita, octapothi tis skaras, and souvlaki skewers. This is a great place to come with a big group, too, and indulge in a meat or seafood platter.

13. Chianti

Italian • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Chianti, an Italian Restaurant in Adelaide Image by: Chianti

Every few months, a new Italian restaurant opens in Adelaide to cater for the large Italian-Australian community, but few can hold a candle to the original Italian trattoria. Chianti has been an Adelaide staple since 1985 and has even been honored by the Italian government for its contribution to the local Italian food scene.

A standout dish is the Linguine Nero, made with Two Gulfs Blue Swimmer crab and a tomato, basil, and chili sugo. There’s also a selection of meats, antipasti, and contorni to choose from.

14. Lantern By Nu

Thai • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Lantern By Nu, offers Authentic Thai Street Food and Classic Dishes in Adelaide Image by: Lantern By Nu

Thai fans will be spoiled for choice in Adelaide, and one of the best establishments is Lantern By Nu, offering authentic and elevated Thai street food and classic dishes in a rustic-chic space. The genius behind the innovative menu is Chef Nu, who is the author of the cookbook “Fire and Flavour: Nu’s Food.”

Diners can enjoy long-time classics, think pad Thai or salt and pepper eggplant, along with Chef Nu’s personal creations. Just be sure to save room for the Roti at the end: this banana served with Pandan custard is to die for.

15. Fishbank

Seafood • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Fishbank for seafood-lovers in Adelaide Image by: Fishbank Adl

It would be a sacrilege for seafood lovers to come to Adelaide and not visit Fishbank. Choose from an array of ocean-fresh sashimi, caviar, and oysters, or indulge in hot seafood plates, including grilled octopus and grilled silver whiting.

Set in one of the city’s most beautiful old buildings in the CBD, Fishbank has been awarded “The Best Wine List in SA” award twice: once from Gourmet Traveller and once from Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards.

Walking distance from Adelaide Oval, the Festival Centre, the Art Gallery of South Australia, Hindley Street nightlife district, and the SkyCity Casino, Fishbank is the perfect way to start a night or end a day in the city.

16. Bread & Bone

Burgers • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

The Perfect Late-Night Eatery Where You Can Chill with Great Food until the Wee Hours. Image by: Bread and Bone

There’s no shortage of burger joints around Adelaide, but one of the best is Leigh Street’s Bread & Bone. This is one of my favorites for the cool yet relaxed atmosphere, as well as the menu.

The burgers range from the beloved—buttermilk fried chicken—to the unique—wagyu and roasted bone marrow. There are also salads and vegan options, plus snacks and desserts.

Nestled upstairs in one of Adelaide’s premiere nightlife districts, Bread & Bone is the perfect late-night eatery where you can chill with great food until the wee hours.

17. Parwana Afghan Kitchen

Middle-Eastern • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Maps

Parwana Afghan Kitchen, a Modest Family-run Restaurant in Adelaide Image by: Parwana

What started out as a modest family-run restaurant is now an Adelaide icon. Located in the western suburbs just outside the city center, Parwana was Adelaide’s first introduction to the delicious flavors of Afghan food.

Still family-run, the restaurant offers friendly service and top-quality meals in a welcoming environment. Open for lunch and dinner, Parwana offers signature Afghan favorites, including Kabuli palaw and dahl.

Whether you’re vegetarian or not, the Banjaan borani is not to be missed. I’ll never get sick of this mouth-watering eggplant dish simmered in tomato sauce and topped with yogurt.

FAQs About Adelaide Attractions

What are the nicest restaurants in Adelaide?

It’s difficult to narrow down the nicest restaurants in Adelaide because there are so many great choices. The most widely praised among locals of all tastes would definitely include Restaurant Botanic, Osteria Oggi, and Peel Street Restaurant, all three of which are in the Adelaide CBD.

What food is Adelaide known for?

Adelaide has a few iconic foods that you should definitely try during your trip. The first is what’s called a pie floater—the original late night craving for those who have been partying.

A pie floater consists of an Australian meat pie, which is usually made with beef mince and gravy. The pie is placed on top of (or submerged in) pea soup. Then ketchup (which is referred to as tomato sauce here!) makes for the cherry on top of this heavy yet satisfying British-inspired comfort food.

Another greasy late-night comfort food to look out for in Adelaide is simply known as an AB (pronounced “ay-bee”). Admittedly, I’ve lived in Adelaide my whole life and still don’t know for certain what it stands for, though local legends point to “Afterbirth.”

An AB is basically a deconstructed kebab (which we generally call a yiros) with hot chicken-salted chips instead of pita bread. There’s usually not lettuce, tomato, onion, or other fresh ingredients involved, but floods of sauce: namely, garlic sauce, ketchup, and chili sauce.

Other than these Adelaide staples, there are FruChocs, which are small delightful apricot bites coated in chocolate. Also be on the lookout for Balfours Frog Cakes: vanilla sponge cake with a dollop of cream made to look like a frog. With their green fondant icing, they’re hard to miss!

How many restaurants are in Adelaide?

According to the Australian Good Food Guide, there are just under 720 restaurants in the Adelaide CBD alone. Most visitors will stay in the CBD or near the CBD, particularly for their first time in Adelaide, so most of the restaurants on this list were selected with their central location in mind, too.

Of course, there are many more hidden gems in the suburbs of Adelaide, along with those in North Adelaide and in the Adelaide Hills that don’t appear on this list—there’s simply not enough space!

How expensive is food in Adelaide?

As far as food prices go, Adelaide is on par with other Australian cities, and perhaps even slightly more affordable than tourist hotspots like Melbourne and Sydney. These would be considered medium-range to slightly expensive by world standards; there are cheaper places to eat, but there are also much more expensive destinations.

For a standard meal at a lower-to-mid-end Adelaide eatery, you’re looking at around $35 AUD per person (around $23 USD). However, you also have cheaper options, including lower-end cafes and fast food outlets, and more costly options, like the city’s premium restaurants.

For example, one of Adelaide’s most expensive and most highly rated restaurants, Restaurant Botanic, costs $290 AUD per person for the degustation menu. This one of Adelaide’s much more costly (yet also highly acclaimed) dining experiences.

Are there food tours in Adelaide?

Yes! Priding itself on being a foodie city with a thriving culinary scene, Adelaide has a number of food tours to explore.

One of the best and most convenient is the Adelaide Central Market Delicious Lunch Tour. For $168 per person, you’ll be taken on a guided tour through the Central Market, which is one of Adelaide’s best attractions in its own right.

On the tour, you’ll get to see all the highlights and points of historic significance on the tour, while also getting a chance to meet stallholders, sample produce, and shop until your heart’s content. The tour finishes with lunch and a glass of wine at one of the market’s staple eateries.

A more affordable option at $90 per person is The F Factor: Adelaide Food Tour. This two-hour small-group walking tour will take you through the CBD, stopping at boutique eateries to sample local fare. It also includes a lunch at the Central Market and snacks and treats to take home, too.

Given that Adelaide is surrounded by wine country, there are also several tours you can take that embark out of the city to explore the food scene of nearby regions. The Barossa Valley Wineries Tour with Tastings and Lunch from Adelaide is one of the most popular, taking travelers to the heart of the Barossa Valley to the north of Adelaide for just $159 per person.

Along with the wineries and culinary delights in the Barossa to the north, another region to visit out of Adelaide is McLaren Vale to the south. It’s home to a selection of famous wineries and restaurants, and you can explore them with a Hop-On Hop-Off Winery Tour from Adelaide for $90 per person.

Otherwise, the Adelaide Hills features an array of wineries, pubs, and restaurants to explore. The Full-Day Tour of Hahndorf with Lunch is one tour that features food and drinks while also giving you the chance to discover the idyllic settlement of the Hahndorf township for $220 per person.

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Vanessa Elle

Vanessa Elle

Vanessa is an Australian-based freelance writer and editor with a BA in Creative Writing. She’s passionate about creating travel content that inspires her readers to take a leap of faith and power through their bucket lists.

When she’s not writing (with her border collie asleep at her feet), she’s devouring books, exploring the world, or planning her next trip.

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