The 25 Best Restaurants in Bali, Indonesia in 2024

Last Updated: April 12th, 2024

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Thanks to its tropical climate and white sand beaches, Bali has quickly become one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. And with the island’s international acclaim has come a massive variety of restaurants and eateries boasting a diverse selection of world-class traditional and international cuisines.

With an ever-revolving door of new restaurants establishing themselves on the island, there is always something new to try in Bali. From tried and tested classic Balinese staples to new eateries establishing themselves as island hallmarks, these are the best restaurants in Bali for exploring a whole world of flavors.


Trying to figure out where to eat in a rush? Don’t worry, we got you covered with our quick picks for the best restaurants in Bali by type.

The 25 Best Restaurants in Bali

1. Locavore

Modern European • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6282144956226

A pork dish featured on Locavore’s rotating seasonal menu. Image by: Ubud Writers & Readers Festival / Flickr

First opened in 2013, Locavore has quickly grown into the premier local eatery in Bali and has won numerous awards and honors, establishing itself as the best restaurant in Indonesia and one of the top 50 restaurants in all of Asia.

As its name suggests, Locavore engages only locally sourced ingredients in a selection of modern European dishes that have put Balinese culinary arts on the map. Additionally, both of the restaurant’s Locavore and Herbivore menus feature 6 to 9 meticulously selected and designed courses that provide for an elevated dining experience.

Located in the heart of Ubud, Locavore is one of the most sought-after 5-star restaurants in Bali, and visitors looking to dine here should book their reservations before arriving on the island.

2. Nusantara

Traditional Indonesian• $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6282146813714

A traditional moringa prepared in a young coconut. Image by: Bex Walton / Flickr

Following the success of their first restaurant, the team behind Locavore opened their Nusantara restaurant in Ubud in 2017 to showcase traditional Indonesian cuisine.

Derived from the historical Indonesian word for the archipelago that makes up the country’s over 17,000 islands, Nusantara lives true to its name by featuring various popular dishes from across Indonesia while engaging only locally sourced ingredients.

While Locavore is famous for its blend of modern international dishes, Nusantara is the best fancy restaurant in Bali for sampling local Indonesian cuisine, and visitors should plan to book their reservation ahead of their visit to the island.

3. Kayuputi

Pan-Asian • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +623613006786

The elegant dining area of Kayuputi. Image by: Kayuputi Bali

Located within Bali’s St. Regis in Nusa Dua, the Kayuputi Restaurant offers a dining experience as opulent as the luxury resort itself. Headed by Chef Agung Gede, the restaurant boasts a diverse menu of pan-Asian cuisine with French influences and is a fantastic spot for sampling a variety of dishes.

The open kitchen may be the centerpiece of the restaurant, but the complex’s beachfront location provides breathtaking views of Bali’s most exclusive region, while the property’s cocktail bar serves up a selection of specialty cocktails and an award-winning wine list.

4. CasCades

Balinese, European • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +62361972111

The outdoor dining patio at CasCades Ubud. Image by: Cascades Bali

Nestled on an idyllic ridge overlooking the lush Valley of the Kings from the comforts of a Balinese-style thatched roof house, the CasCades Restaurant in Ubud provides the setting for one of the most romantic restaurants in Bali and is a favorite for sampling a wide variety of international and Indonesian fusion dishes.

Owned and operated by Australian natives, CasCades specializes in some of the best produce found around the world, with specialty dishes highlighting international delicacies such as Australian Wagyu beef, Avruga Caviar, and Canadian Lobster.

5. Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique

French • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6282147235550

The Indoor dining area at the Mozaic Restaurant. Image by: Mozaic-Bali

First opened in 2001, the Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique has been bringing world-class international flavors and Michelin-level services to Bali for over 20 years and has won numerous awards during its reign as one of the island’s top eateries.

Headed by French-American Chef Chris Salans, Mozaic specializes in high fine dining French and American cuisine. Meanwhile, along with his team of sommeliers, Salans has curated an extensive wine list of more than 200 different varieties from around the world.

Visitors can enjoy the many flavors of the restaurant through two different menus offered in either 6 or 8 courses, all of which are artistically prepared for an experience for all of your senses.

6. Mason

International • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6285792505028

Mason’s woodfire grill at work. Image by: Mason Bali

Known for its woodfire-cooked international dishes, Mason first opened in Canggu in 2018 and recently opened a sister restaurant in Uluwatu, making it one of the best and fastest-growing new restaurants in Bali.

Managed by Australian owners, Mason specializes in modern international dishes highlighting top-quality meat and seafood prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Menu highlights include a 48-hour slow-cooked short rib, the giant Papuan prawn, and the wood-fired barramundi filet, all of which can be perfectly paired with one of the restaurant’s specialty cocktails.

7. Apéritif

International, European • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6281353266678

The chic dining room of Apéritif with a wine wall. Image by: Aperitif

Another of Bali’s top restaurants set in the picturesque jungle Valleys of Ubud, Apéritif specializes in showcasing its top-tier produce grown at the restaurant’s own greenhouses located both on the island and in various destinations around the world in a meticulously designed multi-course menu.

However, Apéritif’s dining experience is much more than just its delectable menu and offers visitors an immersive eclectic setting with engaging designs and stylings of a 1920s cocktail bar. Between its delicious dishes, world-class wine list, and quaint ambiance, Apéritif is an experience in itself and is one of the most unique restaurants in Bali.

8. Kubu at Mandapa

Mediterranean, European • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +623614792777

One of Kubu at Mandapa’s romantic dining areas above the Ayung River. Image by: Kubu at Mandapa

One of the top fancy restaurants in Bali, Kubu at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, promises one of the most elegant fine dining experiences on the island. The bamboo-designed restaurant is nestled along the picturesque jungle setting of Ayung River in Ubud and provides a soothing ambiance for enjoying a rustically romantic meal.

Managed by a team of award-winning chefs, Kubu at Mandapa specializes in Mediterranean-European dishes highlighting Bali’s very own locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant features a specialized a la carte menu, but the facilities’ multi-course degustation menu is the best way to sample the restaurant’s various flavors.

9. Hujan Locale

Indonesian, Southeast Asian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6281353260275

A traditional scallop ceviche dish served at Hujan Locale.

Headed by Will Meyrick, the chef responsible for Balinese staples such as Sarong and Mama San in Seminyak, Hujan Locale is a two-story Ubud restaurant that combines the facility’s fine dining elegance with the delicious traditional flavors of Bali’s vibrant street food scene.

The restaurant highlights various delicacies from across Indonesia through a massive menu of diverse dishes, ranging from its starters to its deserts. Popular dishes include the Northern Sumatran octopus rendang and a soft-shell crab.

However, the best way to sample the venue’s diverse flavors is by sampling the set menu provided for groups of 10 to 16 people. So be sure to visit with some friends.

10. Room4Dessert

Contemporary • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6281337050539

The open-aired dining area at Room4Dessert. Image by: Room4Dessert

Offering a special treat, Ubud’s Room4Dessert restaurant is perfect for those with a sweeter pallet. Led by the New York Chef dubbed the World’s Best Pastry Chef, Will Golfarb, the culinary team at Room4Dessert provides visitors with a dessert-only menu combined with a vibrant late-night venue for a sweet evening out on the island.

Room4Dessert features an a la carte menu for those looking to sample elevated takes on their favorite desserts. But the best way to sample the diverse offerings of the restaurant is by ordering the venue’s nine-course tasting menu, which features a rotating variety of world-class dessert plates.

11. Watercress Cafe

European • $ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6285102808030

An eggs benedict served with salmon at Watercress Cafe. Image by: Watercress Bali

Known as one of Bali’s premier breakfast and coffee diners, Watercress Café first opened its doors in Seminyak in 2012 and has only recently expanded its operations to include its new location in Ubud.

Along with its new location, the Watercress menu has also expanded to offer full-day fare, including diverse lunch and dinner menus and a wide variety of beverages ranging from various morning coffees brewed using beans from around the world to specialty cocktails with international influences.

Whether you are starting your day off with a simple cream cheese bagel or grabbing a delectable evening meal, Watercress has quickly become a popular all-day dining option.

12. UNI Restaurant & Bar

Seafood • $ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +628113883371

The elegant dining space at UNI Restaurant & Bar. Image by: Uni Bali

First opened in 2019, Uni Restaurant & Bar is a Japanese-style restaurant in Bali headed by star chef Steven Skelly and professional mixologist Denny Bakiev. The Uni menu specializes in seafood but also features dishes with a more modern influence, all of which highlight fresh ingredients of locally sourced produce.

Uni Restaurant offers an a la carte menu, as well as a vegetarian and dessert menu and a sake and wine list. However, to sample an array of the complex’s delectable flavors, visitors should order the 5-course tasting menu, which is updated every week.

13. Kaum

Indonesian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +623616207979

Kaum’s outdoor, beachfront patio dining area. Image by: Kaum

Offering some of the most authentic tastes of traditional Balinese cuisine, the Kaum at Potato Head promises a carefully curated menu of dishes prepared using only indigenous cooking practices and methods with native ingredients grown directly in the country.

The result is a traditional Balinese dining experience with featured menu items including elevated takes on popular dishes from Java, Sulawesi, the Malukus, and across the rest of the Indonesian archipelago.

Completing the authentic Indonesian ambiance of the menu is a carefully styled dining room, complete with Torajan wood carvings, ceramic tableware, and a long communal-style dinner table.

14. Mama San

Chinese, Asian, Indonesian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6281806126700

A stir fry salted pork dish served at Mama San. Image by: Mama San Bali

Boasting a 1920s gentleman’s club style design, Mama San is one of the most popular restaurants on Bali and delivers a menu that features elevated takes on traditional Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese street food style dishes.

Opened in 2010, Mama San is headed by chef Will Meyrick, who has quickly become a staple in the Balinese culinary scene. Along with offering an eclectic dining menu, Mama San boasts an extensive wine list and fantastic specialty cocktails, which serve to enhance the elegance of the venue’s interior.

15. Mejekawi at Ku De Ta

Sushi, European • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +62361736969

Nori dumplings served at Mejekawi at Ku De Ta.

Located on the second floor of the famous Ku De Ta beach club in Seminyak, Mejekawi restaurant offers an innovative dining experience that combines the expertise of several top chefs in a ‘kitchen and laboratory concept.’

As a result of the restaurant’s experimental style, Mejekawi features a continuously evolving degustation menu. Still, visitors to the venue can expect a consistently delicious delivery of various tasting plate-style dishes while enjoying their table in one of the most elegant beach clubs in Bali.

16. Koral Restaurant

International, Asian, Fusion • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +623612092288

The aquarium-surrounded dining area of Koral Restaurant. Image by: Kempinski

Combining an elegant eatery with an exotic aquarium, the Koral Restaurant provides one of the most unique restaurants in Bali. Featuring a transparent aquarium ceiling and walls, Kora Restaurant offers visitors the opportunity to explore Bali’s aquatic sea life while sampling a wide variety of local flavors.

While the novelty of the aquarium-style dining room separates Koral Restaurant from other eateries in Bali, the restaurant’s menu is also an experience in itself. Engaging locally sourced ingredients, Koral Restaurants’ multi-course degustation menu includes modern takes on traditional dishes inspired by Indonesia’s coastal flavors.

17. Liap Liap

Seafood, Indonesian • $ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +623619080888

A sampling plate of various traditional Indonesian dishes.

Specializing in producing redefined Indonesian cuisine using exotic grilling and smoking methods, Liap Liap blends Bali’s authentic flavors with a modern take to produce one of the most eclectic menus in Bali.

Managed by head chef Mandif Warroka, Liap Liap’s team in the kitchen serves up a delicious menu of local favorites, including Hot Pot Clams, Smoked Skipjack Tuna, and Braised Beef Rendang.

What’s more, guests can enjoy these contemporary Indonesian delicacies while admiring the exotic environments of Ubud’s jungle setting surrounded by picturesque rice terraces.

18. Sisterfields

Contemporary Cafe • $ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +628113860507

The Australian-style dining area of Sisterfields cafe. Image by: Sisterfields

Offering an all-day breakfast and brunch menu, Sisterfields is an Australian-style café centrally located in the heart of Seminyak. The casual diner is a fantastic spot for grabbing a morning bite or a quick snack throughout the day and has quickly become a staple within the Seminyak tourist community.

Popular breakfast items featured on the menu include shakshuka-style poached eggs, acai bowls, and breakfast burritos. Meanwhile, popular afternoon snacks offered at Sisterfields include house burgers, a lamb shawarma salad, and fish and chips.

19. Café del Mar

Mediterranean, Italian • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6281138117171

The white-washed outdoor patio area of Cafe del Mar. Image by: Cafe del Mar Bali

Bringing the chic Mediterranean beach club vibes of Ibiza to the shores of Bali, Café del Mar is one of the most lavish beachfront restaurants on the island, complete with a 1,000 square meter infinity pool and over 10,000 square meters of comfortable dining areas over its two-story complex.

Café del Mar’s menu features international favorites of coastal Mediterranean and neo-Middle Eastern influences, and each of its delicious dishes is prepared using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Still, while the menu is world-class, Café del Mar is truly set apart as one of the best restaurants in Bali thanks to its impressive complex that includes multiple swim-up bars, cocktail lounges, and even a large outdoor live music venue.

20. Barbacoa

Latin American Barbecue • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6282145771619

Barbecued steak served at Barbacoa. Image by: Barbacoa-Bali

Bringing the delicious flavors of Latin America to the tropical environments of Bali, Barbacoa specializes in barbecued meat in its pan-South American-inspired menu that includes tacos, empanadas, ceviche, and suckling pig.

As an eclectic island, Bali features cuisine from all over the world, including several Latin American-inspired restaurants.

Still, Barbacoa is by far the best restaurant on the island for visitors seeking the flavors of Central and South America and even includes an extensive wine menu with Chilean and Argentine-grown varietals, along with several tequila-based specialty cocktails.

21. Ganesha Cafe

Seafood • $$-$$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +62361703532

Whole lobsters served at Ganesha Cafe. Image by: Ganesha Cafe

The small fishing village of Jimbaran is home to Bali’s best seafood restaurants and largest fish market, with several fantastic seafood restaurants lining both the community and its beachfront. Located near the northern edge of the beach, Ganesha Café provides an elegant setting for sampling the region’s delectable seafood dishes.

Visitors at the restaurant enjoy the quiet beach atmosphere as they dig into various seafood dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients, including locally caught red snapper, kingfish, lobster, and king prawn.

The restaurant also features an extensive cocktail and drink menu, perfect for pairing with your seafood dinner or for simply relaxing near the calming waves of the ocean.

22. Sangsaka

Indonesian • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6281236959895

A fancy dish served at Sangsaka.

Tucked away along a side road of Seminyak, Sangsaka is a hidden gem restaurant serving up some of the most delicious traditional Indonesian food in Bali and features an elegant design. Additionally, the restaurant uses wood and charcoal in various techniques that emulate the diverse flavors found throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

The a la carte menu features some spectacular dishes, including Balinese duck breast, Medan pepper-glazed beef cheeks, and Gianyar suckling pig. However, the best way to sample the various flavors of Sangsaka is by ordering the restaurant’s preselected tasting menu, which includes nine dishes served over five courses.

23. Motel Mexicola

Mexican • $ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +62361736688

An Acapuloco inspired seating area at Motel Mexicola. Image by: Motel Mexicola

Challenging Barbacoa as Bali’s top Latin American-inspired restaurant, Motel Mexicola is the perfect option for those seeking the delectable international flavors of the Central American country.

Boasting a 1960s Acapulco retro design, Motel Mexicola boasts all of the Central American favorites, including tacos, ceviche, quesadillas, and burritos.

However, the restaurant completes the experience with its authentic Mexican atmosphere and even throws some of the greatest fiestas on the island, complete with margaritas and tequila-based cocktails.

24. Kong

International • $$$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +6285216688869

A delectable pork dish served at Kong in Canggu.. Image by: Kong Bali

Operating out of the bustling tourist hub of Canggu, Kong offers an upscale fancy restaurant in Bali for enjoying a wide selection of European-styled dishes and an extensive international wine list.

The elegant restaurant features classically chic designs and excellent service for one of the most calming dining experiences on the island. Meanwhile, the eclectic menu offers various delicious internationally-inspired dishes using only locally sourced ingredients.

Popular items on the menu include the Piri-Piri Prawns starter, the Prime Rib Wagyu Burger, and the Australian Rib Back, all of which can be paired with one of the bar’s carefully selected wines or specialty cocktails.

25. Copper Kitchen & Bar

Mediterranean, European • $$ • WebsiteGoogle Map • Tel +623614792888

Chic dining area at Copper Kitchen & Bar. Image by: Copper Ubud

The only rooftop restaurant in Bali, the Copper Kitchen & Bar offers an idyllic setting overlooking the region’s lush and verdant jungles while providing a delicious menu of authentic seasonal cuisine.

All of Copper Kitchen’s delicious dishes are curated with fresh ingredients, many of which are sourced from the restaurant’s very own farm located down the road. Popular selections on the menu include the striploin wagyu, oven-roasted duck breast, and grilled snapper.

To pair with your dinner, the Copper Kitchen also offers an extensive drink menu of domestic and imported beer and several specialty cocktails.

FAQs About Food in Bali

What are the nicest restaurants in Bali?

These are the nicest restaurants in Bali for an elegant fine dining experience:

What food is Bali known for?

Some authentic dishes visitors must try while visiting Bali are babi guling (a suckling pig), bebek betutu (a slow-cooked duck), and sate lembat (a minced meat satay served with a shrimp-based sauce). Additionally, most dishes on Bali are traditionally served with a side of rice, which is grown in abundance on the island.

What is a warung?

A warung is a small family-owned business or restaurant in Indonesia and typically offers a cost-effective way to sample authentic culinary dishes. Bali is home to dozens of these restaurants ranging from small street venues to grand local eateries, all of which offer affordable explorations of traditional Balinese cuisine.

What is the national dish of Bali?

The national dish of Bali is nasi goreng. Taking advantage of the large volumes of rice produced on the island, nasi goreng is fried rice served with eggs, small meat and vegetable pieces, and sometimes with shrimp.

How expensive is food in Bali?

The price of food in Bali ranges heavily. Those eating on a budget can find super affordable meals offered at local warungs, where they can eat for under 3 USD per meal. However Bali’s finer restaurants feature prices more in line with those found in Western countries and can range from 15 USD to hundreds of dollars to dine.

Are there food tours in Bali?

Yes, Bali does have food tours, which is perfect because Bali has several fantastic dishes to try. Check out this street food tour for a thorough exploration of the island’s various flavors.

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A Canada-based freelance writer, Kurt acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor. Upon graduating, Kurt left the courtside media desk behind and began venturing the globe. Throughout his journeys, Kurt enjoys partaking in slow travel and loves to explore the histories and cultures of each destination, which he shares with others through his writing.

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