The 33 Best Restaurants in Kefalonia, Greece (2024 Guide)

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: January 22nd, 2024

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As the largest island in Greece’s Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a boiling pot of delicious flavors that integrates world-renowned Greek Cuisine with the island’s own identity and culinary practices.

From freshly caught seafood to time-honored dishes of moussaka, gyros, and souvlaki, Kefalonia offers a culinary adventure as vibrant and diverse as its historical landmarks and monuments.

Having spent numerous holidays exploring the island’s varied flavors and traditional taverns, I have compiled this list of the 33 best restaurants in Kefalonia.


33 of the Best Restaurants in Kefalonia, Greece

1. Ampelaki Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Maps

Ampelaki’s outdoor patio. Image by: Ampelaki

Ampelaki restaurant takes the traditional Greek Taverna and adds its own modern twist to provide one of the very best dining experiences in Kefalonia.

Located at the end of the Argostoli Harbour near the ferry terminal, Amelaki Restaurant is a convenient setting for enjoying an authentic Greek lunch or dinner by the water while you admire the yachts and ferries working their way around the port.

Manned by an expert chef and fronted by friendly and experienced staff, Ampelaki restaurant emphasizes a customer-first atmosphere highlighting the authentic charms of the delicious menu, including traditional dishes such as Kouneli, Moussaka, and Kreatopita.

2. Il Borgo

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

Located just a short walk from the entrance to St. George’s Castle and about a 15-minute drive from Argostoli, Il Borgo Restaurant is renowned as one of Kefalonia’s best restaurants, thanks to its dramatic castle views and vine-covered terrace.

Serving as a fantastic stopping point for any exploration of the castle, Il Borgo features a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu and is available to serve you a selection of delicious dishes throughout the day.

Local favorite dishes include the chicken Il Borgo, the grilled salmon, and traditional dishes such as moussaka and pasticcio.

3. Sto Psito

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

Opened in 1990, Sto Psito has been a favorite amongst locals and tourists for the past three decades. It specializes in bringing its patrons and variety of flavors across an extensive menu of authentic Greek and Kefalonian dishes.

Among the restaurant’s specialties are a delectable beef filet covered in mushroom or pepper sauce, a roasted pork belly with bacon and sweet pepper, and a grilled chicken with prosciutto. Alternatively, guests can enjoy classic Greek favorites, such as stifado, moussaka, or roasted lamb, or even try a traditional Kefalonian dish, such as garlic braised rabbit or Agrilias chicken.

To complete the Sto Psito’s idyllic traditional tavern atmosphere is the restaurant’s idyllic setting in Lassi, promising breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea from the comforts of the facility’s patio.

4. Vasso’s Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Vasso’s Restaurant’s patio sign. Image by: Vasso’s Restaurant

Nestled along the waterfront of the northern harbor village of Fiskardo, Vasso’s restaurant is a traditional family restaurant that has been bringing the delicious flavors of the local Greek and Kefalonian cuisine to the Venetian stylings of the historic community since it first opened in 1988.

From the restaurant’s idyllic harbourfront location, visitors can explore the culinary flavors of the island while admiring the village’s centuries-old architecture and the active waters that feature dozens of yachts coming in and out of port.

Along with its charming setting, Vasso’s Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia thanks to its extensive menu of authentic dishes, which includes grilled octopus, saganaki shrimp, and fresh lobster.

5. Dolphin’s Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Another family-run restaurant promising sweeping Ionian views and authentic Greek taverna charms, Dolphin’s Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia thanks to its friendly atmosphere and delicious menu.

Located along the waterfront of Sami’s harbor, Dolphin’s restaurant features some of the best authentic cuisine on Kefalonia’s east coast, with highlight dishes including a personal seafood plate, pepper chicken, and rabbit.

6. Kyani Akti

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Located along a wooden pier jutting out into the water from the Kefalonian capital of Argostoli, Kyani Akti offers a breathtaking ambiance surrounded by the Ionian Sea and is truly something to experience during sunset.

A favorite amongst locals and tourists alike, the family-run restaurant features an extensive menu of fresh seafood dishes, featuring ingredients caught directly within the water guests sit above. The menu varies depending on the season, but traditional favorite dishes include charred octopus tendrils, grilled sardines, and fried red mullet.

7. Irida Restaurant Cafe Bar

Greek, Seafood $ Website  Google Map

Outdoor dining at Irida Restaurant Cafe Bar Image by: Irida Restaurant

Featuring an extensive menu of authentic Greek dishes and seafood prepared using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Irida Restaurant Cafe Bar is a favorite restaurant in Kefalonia located within the historic Venetian village of Fiskardo.

While the menu features various flavors, Irida Restaurant specializes in delivering some of the best seafood in Fiskardo, with featured dishes being the shrimp saganaki and the lobster tortellini.

8. Elli’s Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Another simple Greek taverna nestled along the pebbled beach of Fiskardo’s bustling port, Elli’s Restaurant has garnered a reputation as one of Kefaloni’s best restaurants and promises a diverse menu of delicious seafood and meat dishes.

The restaurant’s waterfront tables are surrounded by breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea on one side and towering pine trees on the other, promising a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying the facility’s exciting flavors, which include red snapper filet, grilled swordfish, and grilled lobster.

9. Captain Nikolas

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Nestled atop a hill overlooking Paralia Vatsa Beach, Captain Nikolas has developed a reputation among locals and tourists as one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia thanks to its outdoor patio dining that offers breathtaking views of the sea and the rustic natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

While guests come for the views, they stay for the delicious menu, which features authentic dishes such as grilled squid, lobster, and fresh sea bass. Not sure what to get? You can even order a seafood variety dish for two that features some of the menu’s most popular dishes.

10. Tassia Restaurant

Greek Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Platter of fresh mussels at Tassia Restaurant. Image by: Tassia

Rumored to be the first restaurant to open in Fiskardo, Tassia Restaurant established itself in the historic Venetian village in 1972 and has been serving Kefalonia a delicious menu of high-end meats, seafood, and pasta for five decades.

Headed by local celebrity chef Tassia Dendrinou, Tassia’s Restaurant features a variety of fresh dishes, including a stuffed pork filet, lamb chops, and shellfish pasta, all of which can be enjoyed on the restaurant’s waterfront patio.

And when visiting, don’t forget to pick up Chef Tassia’s cookbook to explore more of his delicious recipes at home.

11. Flamingo Restaurant

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

Located in the lively resort community of Skala, Flamingo Restaurant promises an authentic Greek taverna setting for enjoying a traditional exploration of Kefalonia’s culinary practices.

The restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating, with the patio promising sweeping views of the Ionian and the nearby beach lined by towering pine trees.

The menu features several traditional dishes, such as stifado, moussaka, and souvlaki, while the onsite ice cream parlor promises a delicious dessert.

12. Ionio Restaurant

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

One of the most popular authentic Greek taverns in Lassi, Ionio Restaurant promises guests a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying an extensive menu of authentic Greek cuisines.

Featuring a large courtyard patio, Ionio Restaurant’s menu features such favorites as lamb kleftiko, seafood spaghetti, and red snapper. A vegetarian and kids menu is also available, promising a delicious meal regardless of your diet.

13. Phaedra Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Exterior view of Phaedra Restaurant. Image by: Phaedra Restaurant

Another authentic Greek restaurant in the beachside town of Lassi, Phaedra Restaurant, is a small but charming complex with a lively atmosphere perfect for immersing in the local culture over a delicious meal.

While indoor seating is limited, the restaurant’s extensive outdoor patio is the perfect place to take in the fresh Ionian air over a plate of authentic Greek cuisines, which includes beef stifado, chicken souvlaki, and lamb kleftiko.

Beyond its delicious dishes, Phaedra Restaurant is simply a great place to hang out, with its festive ambiance being perfect for meeting locals and fellow tourists over a glass of local Greek wine.

14. Lorraine’s Magic Hill

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

Nestled atop the hills overlooking Lourdas Beach, Lorraine’s Magic Hill boasts some of the most breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea, with Zakynthos island peeking its way along the horizon, and has quickly become one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia since it first opened in 2000.

A charming family-run restaurant, Lorraine’s Magic Hill serves up a variety of home-cooked meals, which can include sea bass, pork chops, chicken robola, and much more.

What’s more, Lorraine’s Magic Hill even operates special Greek Nights, during which guests can partake in the lively atmosphere as they enjoy traditional dancing and music.

15. Taverna Drosos

Greek, Seafood $ Website  Google Map

Offering a quieter dining experience at one of the most authentic restaurants in Kefalonia, Taverna Drosos offers visitors an extensive menu of delicious, freshly caught seafood in the natural untouched landscapes of Porto Athera, about a 20-minute drive north of Lixouri.

The restaurant features an outdoor patio, from which visitors can admire the environment sweeping forests of pine trees that line their way to the turquoise waters of the Ionian while enjoying some truly mouthwatering dishes.

Taverna Droso’s menu features grilled meats, such as pork and veal steaks. However, the restaurant’s seafood takes the prize as the facility’s specialty, with must-try dishes being the red mullet, swordfish, and grilled calamari.

16. Old Times Tavern

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

Old Times Tavern’s seaside patio. Image by: Old Times Tavern

Located on the sloping hills overlooking The beach in Skala, Old Times Tavern provides guests with a soothing setting for admiring the Ionian Sea while enjoying the authentic flavors of the facility’s authentic Greek cuisine.

Old Times Tavern offers a traditional dining experience over various courses, with authentic starters including such classics as halloumi cheese, marinated anchovies, and meatballs.

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s entrees range from the Greek staple of moussaka to freshly caught seafood plates of shrimp, sea bass, and fish.

17. Kastro Cafe

Greek, Cafe $ Website  Google Map

More familiarly known as The Castle Cafe, Kastro Cafe is a charming family-run restaurant located directly next to St. George’s Castle and is a fantastic dining option for a day exploring the historic landmark.

The cafe features an extensive menu of inexpensive meals, including authentic dishes of chicken kleftiko, Greek meatballs, and oven-baked carbonara. And for dessert, the cafe offers a variety of cakes, including raspberry cheesecake, lime tart, and St. George’s Strawberries.

Whether stopping by for lunch, dinner, or a quick snack, Kastro Cafe is the perfect pit stop for fueling up before a visit to the iconic castle.

18. Ladokolla Stin Plagia

Greek $ Website  Google Map

Ladokolla STin Plagia is one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia. Despite its isolated location in the small inland village of Damoulianata, about a 20-minute drive from Lixouri, the family-run restaurant has become one of the island’s most popular amongst locals and tourists, and reservations are heavily suggested before visiting.

Along with promising an authentic Greek menu of authentic classics such as moussaka, souvlaki, kleftiko, and kreapita, Ladokolla Stin Plagia’s atmosphere is lively and authentic as can be, with Greek music and dancing partaking in the celebrations.

It is a must-visit for immersing in the local culture of an authentic Greek taverna.

19. Alati All-Day Bar and Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Alati All-Day Bar and Restaurant’s patio entrance. Image by: Alati All-Day Bar Restaurant

Situated along a picturesque stretch of shoreline near Chalikeri, Alati All-Day Bar and Restaurant is the perfect setting for enjoying a quiet traditional Greek dinner at one of Kefalonia’s most charming restaurants.

Alati Restaurant’s sea and landscape views are among the best on the island and are best enjoyed in the evening as the sun slowly dips along the western horizon.

While guests are drawn to Alati’s for the view, they stay for the extensive menu of delicious Greek dishes, which include freshly caught seafood, mussels, and octopus.

20. Oskars Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Featuring lunch, brunch, and dinner menus, Oskars Restaurants has become a staple of Kefalonia’s Lassi community and features innovative recipes that honor and accentuate traditional Greek dishes along with a selection of international meals.

Open throughout the days, Oskar’s Restaurant is a fantastic spot for grabbing a quick bite, dining over the breathtaking views of the nearby beach, or simply enjoying a drink at the complex’s onsite pool bar.

21. Farmout Vitamin Bar

Vegetarian, Vegan $ Website  Google Map

A unique restaurant in Kefalonia, Farmout Vitamin Bar specializes in a vegetarian and vegan menu, engaging only freshly grown ingredients from local farms across the island. The cafe features an extensive menu of plant-based burgers, snacks, and meals and even an onsite fresh produce market.

Located in the heart of Argostoli, the Farmout Vitamin Bar is a fantastic place to stop for a quick snack or burger or to grab a few fresh ingredients for your home cooking.

22. Sepia

Sushi, Japanese $$ Website  Google Map

Sushi rolls at Sepia.

Promising the best sushi in Kefalonia, Sepia restaurant is located in the heart of Argostoli and is a favorite amongst those looking for a break from the Mediterranean flavors to indulge in Japanese cuisine.

Promising a traditional Greek setting with Japanese-style influences, Sepia Restaurant is a fusion of the two cultures and provides one of Kefalonia’s most memorable dining experiences.

Favorite items on the menu include all of the sushi staples, such as California rolls and spicy tuna rolls, along with Sepia’s specialty rolls that include Tataki dishes and sashimi.

23. Anemos

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Located along the hillside overlooking Paralia Kaminia in Skala, Anemos Restaurant is another authentic Greek taverna boasting a traditional setting overlooking the breathtakingly blue Ionian Sea.

The restaurant’s patio promises one of the best vantage points from which to admire the nearby beach, while the facility’s menu is full of delicious authentic dishes, including stuffed calamari, sardines, and manouri cheese.

And for those looking to maintain a healthy fitness diet during their holiday to Kefalonia. Anemos also offers a special menu of protein-heavy meals perfect for your post-workout.

24. Melina Patisserie

Breakfast, Desserts $ Website  Google Map

While only a small cafe in the heart of Fiskardo Beach, Melina Patisserie is one of Kefalonia’s best restaurants for delicious breakfasts, lunch, and desserts.

While the menu isn’t extensive, it is one of the best places to stop off for a treat or a drink as you admire luxurious yachts constantly navigating through the nearby harbor.

The cafe is a great spot to stop for an evening to admire the day’s final hours over a delicious cake or glass of wine.

25. Spiros Family Taverna

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Caption: Harbourfront dining at Spiros Family Taverna.

Occupying one of the most idyllic corners of the waterfront in Agia Efimia, Spiros Family Taverna is one of the most authentic and inviting restaurants in Kefalonia.

Spiros Family Taverna maintains its authentic Greek charms through live music and events held every Saturday night in its spacious dining area and offers an extensive menu of traditional classics such as moussaka, beef stifado, and Kefalonian meat pie.

It is a great spot to enjoy traditional Greek food in a traditional Greek setting.

26. Andromeda Restaurant

Greek, Seafood $$$ Website  Google Map

Occupying a breathtaking cliffside location overlooking southern Kefalonia and Lourdas Bay, the Andromeda Restaurant is a part of the larger Andromeda Centre, an extensive complex popular for weddings and events.

However, even if you don’t have a big event going on, the Andromeda Restaurant is open to the public and offers a truly memorable dining experience on its outdoor patio, where guests can enjoy an extensive menu of traditional foods in a beautiful environment.

27. Mpotsolos

Greek, Barbecue $ Website  Google Map

Located about a 20-minute drive from Argostoli in Valsamata, Mpotsolos is a favorite restaurant amongst the locals and is popular thanks to its barbecue-style cuisine featuring a variety of meat dishes.

Home to the best BBQ in Kefalonia, Mpotsolos is a great spot for digging into a massive variety of Greek meat dishes, ranging from local-style sausages to delectable chunks of pork and lamb chops.

28. Vardiani Island Restaurant

International, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Vardiani Island Restaurant’s shrimp pasta. Image by: Vardiani Restaurant Bar

Set only a few meters from Xi Beach and promising a beautiful outdoor patio for admiring the Ionian Sea and Vardiani Island on its horizon, Vardiani Island Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia thanks to its relaxing setting and fresh seafood menu.

Along with having some of the best fish and chips on the island, Vardiani Island Restaurant offers plenty of traditional and international dishes for those less inclined to seafood, including French tomahawk, Pork Belly with Texas BBQ, and meatballs.

29. Kefalonia Antonello’s Grill

Greek, Grill $ Website  Google Map

Kefalonia Antonello’s Grill features delicious takes on all of the traditional Greek grilling classics, including gyros, souvlaki, pork steaks, and seafood, all at an affordable rate and overlooking the beautifully unique Xi Beach near Lixouri.

Beyond offering delicious budget-friendly foods for recharging during your day at the beach, Kefalonia Antonello’s Grill is a destination in and of itself, featuring a beachside bar and even an 18-hole mini golf course.

30. Taverna Dionysus

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Sitting within the foothills of Mount Ainos, Taverna Dionysus offers a picturesque setting overlooking Lourdas Bay for enjoying a varied menu of authentic Greek cuisine and freshly caught seafood.

Popular amongst families, must-try items on the menu include the saganaki shrimp, grilled octopus, and traditional sausage. The restaurant also features an extensive wine list that perfectly matches the site’s food options.

31. Sparos Bistro

Greek, Seafood $$ Website  Google Map

Beachfront dining at Sparos Bistro. Image by: Sparos Bistro

Located directly on Megas Lakos Beach, Sparos Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia for enjoying a traditional island meal along the Ionian.

And completing the seaside ambiance is an extensive menu of seafood dishes, with ingredients freshly caught from the nearby ocean. Local favorite dishes include tuna steak, swordfish steak, and red snapper.

Sparos Bistro is open all day for lunch and dinner, but the best time to visit is in the evening to catch the sunset.

32. Platanos

Greek, Seafood $ Website  Google Map

Set in the charming seaside community of Asos, Platanos is one of the few cafes in the traditional village and offers one of the most authentic restaurants in Kefalonia, away from the more built-up tourist areas.

The restaurant features a massive menu of traditional dishes, including lamb stifado, wild game rabbit, and several fresh seafood dishes, such as king crab legs, jumbo shrimp, and mussels.

Along with offering rustic Greek foods not found in many of the island’s other establishments, Platanos also promises a quiet authentic village setting for enjoying your traditional meal.

33. The Pines Restaurant

Greek $$ Website  Google Map

Located steps from Skala Beach and set among some of the region’s most popular hotels and resorts, The Pines Restaurant is a favorite destination amongst tourists and promises an extensive menu of traditional dishes.

The restaurant’s specialty dishes include grilled sardine, calamari, and chicken tikka masala. To accompany their dinner menu, The Pines Restaurant also features a diverse selection of local wines and a fantastic atmosphere for immersing in the local culture.

FAQs About Kefalonia Restaurants

What are the nicest restaurants in Kefalonia?

There are plenty of informal restaurants and taverns across Kefalonia. However, if you are looking for a more upscale establishment, Il Borgo, Ambelaki, and Casa Grec offer the fine dining experience you are looking for.

What food is Kefalonia known for?

Located in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is particularly known for its seafood dishes. However, the island also boasts many Greek classics, including gyros, lamb chops, and the Greek national dish, moussaka.

How expensive is food in Kefalonia?

Restaurants in Kefalonia offer delicious meals for all budgets, ranging from meals under 10 euros to over 50 euros. A good way to tell if a restaurant is expensive is to look at their cover charge for bread. An establishment with a bread cover charge of 0.50 euro is considered cheap, whereas a cover charge of 1.00 is considered mid-range, and anything above 1.50 is considered expensive.

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Kurt Norris

Kurt Norris

A Canada-based freelance writer, Kurt acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor. Upon graduating, Kurt left the courtside media desk behind and began venturing the globe. Throughout his journeys, Kurt enjoys partaking in slow travel and loves to explore the histories and cultures of each destination, which he shares with others through his writing.

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