The 14 Best Restaurants in Malaga, Spain (Updated 2024)

Last Updated: April 12th, 2024

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The capital city of the region, Malaga is a unique blend of a Spanish beach and fishing town with a rather significant historical city center and modern city districts.

When it comes to eating, more specifically where to eat in Malaga, there is a never-ending amount of options to choose from. On each of my visits, I love trying out new places along with past favorites.

To help you navigate the vibrant food scene and discover the best restaurants in Malaga, I have put together a list of some of my personal favs!


Are you just looking for a quick recommendation? Don’t worry, I got you covered with these quick pics.

The 14 Best Restaurants in Malaga


Tapas/Bar • $ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 615 02 96 69

LA TRANCA, One of the Best Tapas Bars in Malaga Image by: LA TRANCA

LA TRANCA is one of the best tapas bars in Malaga, and with plenty of local cuisine on the menu, it qualifies as one of the best places to eat in Malaga, period.

What you will find at LA TRANCA is genuine Spanish music, regulars, and a nice welcoming environment. Locals say their tapas are good and that they also have the best meatballs in town.

So, if you are looking to try yet another batch of yummy tapas from somewhere new, or just a quick sandwich, LA TRANCA has you covered.

2. Spago’s

Italian • $ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 951 28 69 70


One of the coolest little Italian joints in Malaga has definitely got to be Spago’s. If you like Italian food, such as pizza or pasta, and want a great atmosphere to eat in, Spago’s is one of the best in the city.

It’s an excellent spot for couples and solo travelers looking for decent Italian at an affordable price as well. Spago’s has an Ideal location and is quite inexpensive compared to other Italian joints in Malaga, for sure.

Vegan, fast-food, Mediterranean, and European options are on the menu as well. Spago’s is one of those places you’ll remember exactly what you ate, and who you ate it with, for the rest of your life.

So choose your meal wisely!

3. El Tapeo de Cervantes

Tapas/Bar • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 952 60 94 58

El Tapeo de Cervantes, a Local Tapas Bar with a Kitchen Serving Image by: El Tapeo de Cervantes

El Tapeo de Cervantes is a local tapas bar with a kitchen serving a smattering of tourist favorites and local cuisine including seafood. It sits in the old part of town, near the historic center and the Cervantes Theater, a lovely location for eating tapas and sipping a drink.

El Tapeo de Cervantes focuses on serving the best food in Malaga. The atmosphere is quite nice, and the Mediterranean food is tasty as well. And, as far as tapas go, you can get them just about any way imaginable at this local bar.

4. Trattoria Mamma Franca

Italian • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 951 15 39 13

Trattoria Mamma Franca, One of the main Italian restaurants in Malaga Image by: Trattoria Mamma Franca

One of the main Italian restaurants in Malaga is without question none other than Trattoria Mamma Franca.

Don’t let the small package fool you with this one. Homemade calabrese food with an impeccable selection of the finest Spanish and Italian wines await you at this little joint.

Pizza, pasta, and bread are of course a few of the house specialties. Even though it’s moderately priced Trattoria Mamma Franca is well worth the extra euros according to reviews.

Probably not the first place to go out with a family of 15, but a romantic couple for two, or a quick bite for a solo traveler? Most definitely.

5. Restaurante Vino Mio

International/Mediterranean • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 951 38 22 51


Vino Mio is one of Malaga’s most beloved restaurants among recent tourists to the region.

They are open for lunch, dinner, and late-night as well as serving Mediterranean, European, and Spanish dishes and alcohol. Seating is available indoors as well as outdoors and reservations are available as well.

The menu has plenty of options for those on special diets, just check out the Vegetarian-Friendly and Vegan Options sections when you get there. Or, you can call in and have the kitchen whip something up for you to pick up.

Prices are moderate but the food is supposed to be more than worth it.

6. El Pimpi

Mediterranean/Bar • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 952 22 54 03

One of the most frequented tapas bars by Malaga locals Image by: El Pimpi

One of the most frequented tapas bars by Malaga locals is El Pimpi with its Mediterranean kitchen and accommodating staff.

The building itself that houses the bar is quite memorable, originally the wine cellar of a massive old house built in the 1700s. The bar is said to be a fair representation of the Malaga spirit. So, if you have to choose only one or two bars during your visit to Malaga, definitely give El Pimpi a try.

Aside from well-made drinks and amazing tapas, the local seafood at El Pimps is also supposed to be off the hook (haha). Local wine, fresh ingredients from the local market, and an atmosphere steeped with the likes of Picasso and Carmen Thyssen.

The bar has outdoor seating as well as inside seating and serves alcohol as well as food.

7. Meson Iberico

Mediterranean/Spanish • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 952 60 32 90


Another prime tapas location is Meson Iberico, a local establishment serving Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine (including tapas, of course!).

If you are looking for a nice calm place to do some light drinking or eating (especially tapas), this little spot is popular.

Lunch, dinner, or late night, Meson Iberico is open and serving meals. The drinks are cold, the staff is friendly, and the seafood is to die for.

This may not be the restaurant to pop the question to your future husband or wife, but it sure does make a great place to grab a quick bite and kick back for a few minutes while already out and about.


French/Cafe • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 951 46 70 63

BYOKO, A cafe serving French, Mediterranean, and Spanish food Image by: BYOKO

If you’re looking for a hipster spot, look no further. Or, for those interested in French cuisine, or who want to skip the calories and stick with healthier food options in Malaga, BOYOKO could be the eatery for you.

A cafe serving French, Mediterranean, and Spanish food, BOYOK also specializes in healthy choices including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

Not only is this hip cafe ripe with great drinks and food but it’s also located just a few steps from the Malaga Cathedral and other great attractions.

In addition to lunch, dinner, and late-night, which most of the best restaurants in Malaga operate, BYOKO is open for all of these shifts as well as breakfast, brunch, and late-late night.

If you enjoy the late-night scene, BYOKO is where it’s at.

9. Kortxo

International/Mediterranean • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 640 73 64 98


Another great restaurant in Malaga with a strange name but an awesome rating is Kortxo. Located in the old part of town, Kortxo is a small bar and restaurant with a fun atmosphere and excellent food.

Quality cuisine with local flair and plenty of selection is the kitchen’s main focus at this restaurant bar. Tapas are, of course, on the menu, and plenty of them too.

Kortxo’s staff has a love of culinary arts and creates each dish with love & pure passion. And, from the reviews customers leave, it sounds like some rather tasty passion!

All of the food is made from raw and fresh materials with as much local produce and seafood as possible. Reservations are available and aren’t such a bad idea it’s a pretty popular food joint.

10. La Barra de Zapata 

International/Mediterranean • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 673 42 67 90


With an international cuisine including popular Mediterranean, European, and Spanish dishes La Barra de Zapata easily carries one of the most diverse menus in Malaga.

Not only do they have a whole lot of variety in meals and drinks, but they also have some of the best prices in town as well as an extra special view of the Malaga Cathedral.

La Barra de Zapata has indoor and outdoor seating, and wheelchair access, and serves alcohol, including beer and wine. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options can be found on the La Barra de Zapata menu as well.

The spot also has free WiFi, so if you are looking for a great place to grab a quick bite to eat in between sightseeing, you can take advantage.

11. Antigua Casa de Guardia

Spanish/Wine Bar • $ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 952 21 46 80

Malaga’s Best Place to Eat and Less Expensive Image by: Antigua Casa de Guardia

One of Malaga’s best places to eat, and less expensive places, if you want to wash your meal down with some local wine is the Antigua Casa de Guardia.

According to TripAdvisor, the place is the fourth most popular tavern in Malaga for nightlife. But, even if you are not after drinks, the place is still a great option to grab a bite to eat.

Sweet wine crafted by locals may be one of the house specialties at Antigua Casa de Guardia but the food is second to none. Just ask any of the locals, or better yet, count how many regulars dine here!

Seafood and a fusion of local and Mediterranean dishes are likely to be on the menu depending on the time of year that you visit. Locals suggest the mussels with the sweet wine, by the way.

12. El Meson de Cervantes 

Mediterranean • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 952 21 62 74


If an ambient setting is important to your dining experience, El Meson de Cervantes is a Spanish food joint worth giving a try.

Though technically a Spanish restaurant, the menu also offers a variety of popular Mediterranean and European dishes as well. Even more, according to customer reviews, the staff are among the most professional and friendliest around.

Heading out for a solo night in Malaga? Or, perhaps planning a romantic evening for two? El Meson de Cervantes is a great starting point either way. Drinks, an authentic Malagaian atmosphere, and some of the greatest food you have ever tasted (everything from tuna kebabs to Moroccan lamb) – what’s not to like?

13. Buenavista Gastrobar

Gasgtropub/Tapas • $$-$$$ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 951 38 74 64

The Buenavista Gastrobar & Tapas Image by: Buenavista Gastrobar

The Buenavista Gastrobar & Tapas is another local eatery with some class located within less than a half-mile from the Malaga Cathedral. Their menu consists of local options including Mediterranean, European, and Spanish dishes. Tapas and drinks are also to be had at this popular Gastropub.

If you have never eaten in Malaga before, stop into Buenavista Gastrobar & Tapas for some Tuna tartare, or Cod with melon and mango.

You never know what will be on the menu depending on the local market at the time of your visit. But, you can rest assured that whatever it is will be tasty!

14. Restaurante Italiano Da Saveria

Italian • $ • Website Link • Google Map • Tel +34 602 68 95 80

Restaurante Italiano Da Saveria, One of the Best Places to eat in Malaga Image by: Restaurante Italiano Da Saveria

An Italian joint approximately a half-mile from the Malaga Cathedral, that you don’t want to miss out on, is the Restaurante Italiano Da Saveria.

Good drinks, an ambient atmosphere, and excellent food are waiting for you here. The locals rate it as one of the best places to eat, and based on their moderate prices, it is highly likely that they well may be.

Being an Italian place, pizza, hand-made pasta, and other fine Italian dishes are of course the house specials at Restaurante Italiano Da Saveria.

However, authentic Mediterranean, European, Sicilian, and Southern Italian food is also on the menu. And, according to locals and tourists alike, it holds its own to any Italian restaurant (anywhere).

FAQs About Malaga Attractions

What are the nicest restaurants in Malaga?

Several fantastic restaurants in Malaga offer diverse cuisines depending on your interests. For an exploration of international dishes, Ta-Kumi and Byoko are some of the nicest restaurants in the city. Meanwhile, El Pimpi offers an authentic Andalusian ambiance for enjoying the region’s traditional dishes, while Restaurante la Barra de Zapata provides some of the best seafood in town.

What food is Malaga known for?

Located along Spain’s southern coast, Malaga is famous for its tapas-styled cuisines featuring locally grown ingredients that accentuate the city’s Mediterranean setting. These dishes typically include seafood, olives, grapes, wines, and baked goods. Must-try dishes in Malaga include Fritura Malaguena and, of course, the Andalusian Tapas.

What is the national dish of Spain?

The national dish of Spain is Paella. While the dish initially comes from the Valencia region, it has spread throughout the country, with each area boasting its unique take. For example, in Malaga, Paella typically consists of a seafood dish served as a tapas with rice, tomatoes, onion, garlic, paprika, and saffron.

How expensive is food in Malaga?

Eating out in Malaga doesn’t have to break the bank. While popular restaurants in tourist areas often experience increased prices, the typical tapas restaurant in the city offers various dishes for an affordable price. However, one of the best ways to eat out cheaply in the city is to take advantage of the restaurants’ daily set lunch menus, which often consist of a starter, a main course, a dessert, and a drink.

Are there food tours in Malaga?

If you’re not sure where to go to explore the delicious and diverse flavors of the city, booking a guided food tour is perhaps the best way to ensure you sample the variety of what the city has to offer. Check out this Malaga: Tapas Crawl for an exploration of the region’s authentic local eateries, or combine your food tour with the region’s drink along this wine and tapas tour.

Does Malaga have any food festivals?

Malaga hosts several food festivals throughout the year, but its most famous celebration featuring the region’s culinary delicacies is the Malaga Gastronomy Festival. Held annually at the end of May and into June, this festival highlights the developing Malaga Gastronomy industry through various food-based activities for sampling the local flavors.

When is the best time to visit Malaga as a foodie?

The best time to visit Malaga to explore the region’s culinary wonders is during the summer months, from June to August. Along with hosting numerous food festivals, the area boasts fresh produce and seafood at this time. Another good time to visit for food is during the grape harvest season in the fall when the region’s various dishes can be perfectly paired with a freshly vinified vino.

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A Canada-based freelance writer, Kurt acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor. Upon graduating, Kurt left the courtside media desk behind and began venturing the globe. Throughout his journeys, Kurt enjoys partaking in slow travel and loves to explore the histories and cultures of each destination, which he shares with others through his writing.

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