The 6 Best Overwater Bungalows In Florida (2024 Guide)

If there are two things that represent an exceptional, luxurious vacation, it is a destination with tropical surroundings and great weather, as well as luxurious accommodation such as overwater bungalows. While overwater villas and bungalows are uncommon in the USA, with the luxurious accommodation style often being associated with islands …

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The 5 Best Overwater Bungalows In Mexico

Staying in an overwater bungalow has become the epitome of a tropical holiday. After all, is there anything better than the idea of waking up and jumping into the inviting waters of the ocean directly from your back deck? Unfortunately, despite being an internationally famous tropical destination and having hundreds …

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Maldives vs Bora Bora – Which Island Should You Choose?

When we imagine the epitome of a tropical getaway, we cannot help but picture islands like The Maldives in the Indian Ocean and Bora Bora in the South Pacific Ocean, which offer the utmost luxury. From overwater villas, crystal clear water, and glorious weather, both islands make fantastic options for …

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Bahamas vs Cancun – Which Island is Better For You?

Jetting off to The Caribbean is always a great idea, especially if you are searching for rest, rejuvenation, and stunning tropical landscapes. In saying that, the Caribbean is also a fantastic region of the world for enjoying fun water-based activities, trying local cuisine, and embarking on exciting discovery tours, so …

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Barbados vs Jamaica – Which Island is Better For You?

Looking for the best vacation option between Barbados and Jamaica? Well, they’re both amazing destinations but there are also some pretty huge differences between them. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with this quick and easy travel comparison. Barbados is a much more laidback island with plenty of activities …

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Naples vs Rome – An Honest Comparison in 2024

Struggling to choose your ideal Italian destination? In the battle of Naples vs. Rome, both cities are strong contenders. They are both meccas of history and food, but there are still a few differences between them. Naples is a port city on the coast of Campania, on Italy’s western side. …

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Bora Bora vs Hawaii – An Honest Comparison in 2024

Both Bora Bora and Hawaii conjure idyllic images of sweeping palm-fringed white beaches, lush natural greenery, and untouched volcanic landscapes rising over the magnificently blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. While these two destinations share many similarities and top the lists of many people’s bucket lists, the two experiences they …

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30+ Best Places To Visit On The West Coast USA

Looking to enjoy an amazing road trip down the West Coast of the US or just want to soak up the chilled-out vibe in one or two specific destinations? Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected the best places to visit on the West Coast. Whether you want to …

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The 19 Most Dangerous Cities In Canada in 2024

With vibrant cultural cities, untouched wildernesses, and breathtaking natural landmarks that include Niagara Falls and Banff National Park, Canada has a long-standing reputation as being one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. What’s even better is that with a Global Peace Index of 1.35, it is also …

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The 19 Most Dangerous Cities In Brazil in 2024

From the biodiversity of its Amazon Rainforest and far-spanning coastline to its five centuries of colonial history, Brazil has become one of the world’s favorite travel destinations, hosting, on average, more than 6 million tourists every year. But beyond its beautiful, untouched landscapes and abundant cultural attractions, Brazil has struggled …

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Kurt Norris

A Canada-based freelance writer, Kurt acquired his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor. Upon graduating, Kurt left the courtside media desk behind and began venturing the globe. Throughout his journeys, Kurt enjoys partaking in slow travel and loves to explore the histories and cultures of each destination, which he shares with others through his writing.

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