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The 15 Best Hotels With View Of The Eiffel Tower in 2023

Visiting the beautiful City of Lights? Well, there’s no better view in Paris than of the Eiffel Tower when it’s all lit up at night. But if you don’t fancy an evening stroll around the French capital, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best hotels with views …

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The 14 Best Hotels Off The Strip In Las Vegas in 2023

Home to big lights, huge hotels, and all the vices you can think of, Las Vegas has been enticing visitors for decades. Whether you’re looking to strike lucky in one of the many casinos, want to check out a legend’s residency show, or want to stay in some of the …

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12 Famous Landmarks In Panama (Not To Miss in 2023)

It may be the fantastic engineering of the Panama Canal or the bustling atmosphere of Panama City that attracts tourists from all over the world to discover Panama. Still, there is a wide range of famous landmarks to add to this list. Panama is located north of Colombia and south …

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12 Famous Landmarks In Ecuador Not To Miss in 2023

Ecuador, whose name translates from Spanish as ‘Equator,’ lies on the Equator line in South America. Colombia borders it to the north, Peru to the southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, and is a country well known for its natural diversity and world-famous islands. It is known for …

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12 Famous Landmarks In Hawaii (Updated 2023)

Hawaii is a dream destination for many travelers, not just because it is ideally suited to family holidays, adventure trips, or couples’ getaways, but because of its natural splendor and diverse activities. Hawaii is America’s 50th state and is well known for its rich heritage, iconic surfing beaches, rugged landscape, …

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Bali Vs Hawaii

Bali vs Hawaii: An Honest Comparison in 2023

Bali and Hawaii are two destinations that are at the top of people’s bucket lists as idyllic tropical getaways. While both settings promise relaxation along their white sand shores and a rugged volcanic landscape beckoning adventure, they actually offer two very distinct experiences catering to different types of travelers. Having …

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Bali vs Fiji: An Honest Comparison in 2023

Bali and Fiji are at the top of the list of idyllic destinations when planning a tropical island holiday. They promise palm-fringed beaches, picturesque white sands, and tropical landscapes of exotic wildlife and foliage. However, having visited both travel hotspots, I can honestly tell you that the two destinations actually …

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Bali Vs Bora Bora An Honest Comparison

Bali vs Bora Bora: An Honest Comparison in 2023

People often compare Balia and Bora Bora as two tropical island travel destinations boasting exotic isolated cultures and world-class beaches. However, besides their warm weather conditions and abundant landscapes, the two destinations are actually very different. Having visited both islands, I can honestly say that the two cater to entirely …

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Bali vs Phuket: An Honest Comparison in 2023

When traveling to Southeast Asia, visitors often compare Bali and Phuket as idyllic island settings in the Indian Ocean, promising laid-back vibes and world-class beaches. While both destinations deliver fantastic holiday experiences, the two islands are very different in many ways, ranging from their geographical make-ups to the cultures and …

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30 Famous Australian Landmarks Not To Miss (Updated 2023)

The landmarks in Australia range from architectural marvels recognizable on a global scale to natural wonders you need to see to believe. From tropical islands and outback miracles to soaring skyscrapers and historic open-air museums, you’ll want to add the following sites to your Australian bucket list. Having lived in …

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