The 17 Best Eco Resorts in Bali [2024 Green Guide]

Last Updated: May 10th, 2024

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Whether you’re looking for an active surf and yoga retreat, you want to visit as many temples as possible, or you just want some classic rest and relaxation on the beach, Bali is a go-to island for so many of us. With amazing food, chilled-out vibes, and a pretty affordable price tag, what’s not to like, right?

As so much of Bali’s tourism scene is driven by nature and beautiful places, it makes sense that it’s also home to so many amazing eco-resorts. So, with that in mind, let’s dive in and find out more about the 17 best eco resorts in Bali!

The 17 Best Eco Resorts in Bali

1. Natya Resort Ubud

Infinity pool jungle views make this eco-resort a showstopper

Natya Resort Ubud Image by:

If you’re looking for a Bali eco-resort that gives you sweeping jungle and mountain views, then check into the Natya Resort Ubud. The main draw of this eco-resort has to be the viewpoint infinity pool with jungle vistas that seem to stretch out forever.

Onsite, you can hire bikes to cycle into Ubud itself, a full restaurant, bar, and barbecue area, and even has its own hairdresser. Combining all these amenities with the natural beauty around the property, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best eco-resorts in Bali.

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2. Wapa di Ume Sidemen

Serene rice terrace views all around this luxury eco-resort

Wapa di Ume Sidemen Image by:

Located in the Sidemen area of Bali, which is known for its rice terraces, the Wapa di Ume Sidemen is a luxury eco-resort that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. Everything here is geared towards the world-class views from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the private infinity pools to the rose petal-filled bathtubs.

The rooms themselves are bright, light, and airy, with plenty of space to relax in. Many of them have canopy-style beds with breathtaking views of the valleys and terraces below. It truly is a beautiful place to stay in Bali.

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3. The Kayon Resort

Iconic eco-resort nestled along the beautiful Petanu River

The Kayon Resort Image by:

Okay, if you’re looking for an out-of-this-world eco-resort experience near Ubud, you should definitely consider checking out The Kayon Resort. This amazing resort has a sun deck that directly leads out to a waterfall view – it’s insane!

Surrounded by lush, verdant greenery, each villa in the complex feels like its own private oasis. You can relax in the outdoor pools, check out the yoga classes, head to the KE-PI-TU Restaurant, or even jump on the complimentary shuttle into Ubud.

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4. Adiwana Bisma

Contemporary eco-resort near Ubud’s best attractions

Adiwana Bisma Image by:

Located just 800 yards from the iconic Monkey Forest in Ubud, the Adiwana Bisma arguably has one of the best locations in Ubud. Surrounded by stunning rice fields, the resort feels serene, but you’re within walking distance of Ubud’s amazing attractions, restaurants, and bars.

The resort itself has a pretty contemporary vibe with a view-framing infinity pool and natural wood finishes that make it feel like a high-end getaway. Carve out time to do one of the onsite cooking classes with the resort chef so you can make delicious Balinese cuisine at home!

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5. The Udaya Resorts and Spa

Romantic vibes and private bungalows in this Ubud eco-resort

The Udaya Resorts and Spa Image by:

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one in Ubud, look no further than The Udaya Resorts and Spa. With private, individual bungalows and villas, you can enjoy a serene vacation, surrounded by jungle vibes in the heart of Ubud.

From the famous rose petal baths to stunning infinity pools with rice terrace views, this is a beautiful eco resort to relax and chill out in. Make sure you book a massage or treatment at the onsite spa for the ultimate luxury relaxation experience.

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6. Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort

Treehouse experiences await at this luxurious Tabanan stay

Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort Image by:

Want to enjoy an adult-only treetop escape while you’re in Bali? Head to the Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort in Tabanan and be welcomed by stunning natural views, giant wooden structures, and tranquil outdoor swimming pools that invite you in.

Here, the architecture works hard, mimicking the curves of the natural surroundings, making every space feel high-end and boutique. With one of the most beautiful yoga rooms I’ve seen, you’re going to be transported with a stay at the Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort.

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7. Amarta Beach Retreat by Nakula

Beachfront luxury with an eco-conscious twist

Amarta Beach Retreat by Nakula Image by:

If you want to wander out of your luxury resort room and find yourself on a black sand beach, all your dreams are going to come true at the Amarta Beach Retreat by Nakula. Located in the Tebanan Residency, this high-end luxury eco-resort has a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the beach, alfresco dining, and architecturally stunning rooms and villas.

As with many of the best eco-resorts in Bali, the Amarta Beach Retreat also has a dedicated outdoor yoga area, perfect for starting or ending your day in paradise.

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8. Bali Jungle Camping by Amerta Experience

Treetop geodomes in the jungle make this a bucket list destination

Bali Jungle Camping by Amerta Experience Image by:

If you spend any time on travel Instagram or Pinterest, then chances are that you’ve seen images of Bali Jungle Camping before. Camping is used loosely here as this Tabanan eco-resort is made up of luxury geodomes and large canopies, that allow you to be one with nature.

Nestled in the trees, you can experience awe-inspiring views of the jungle, immerse yourself in outdoor yoga sessions, or relax in the giant canopy-style hammocks next to each geodome. It’s one of the most relaxing, nature-filled places you can stay!

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9. Alami Boutique Villas & Resort

Serene mountain views and private villas await at this luxury eco-resort

Alami Boutique Villas & Resort Image by:

Do you just want to get away from it all? This secluded and beautiful spot in Tabanan is home to the Alami Boutique Villas and Resort, filled with gorgeous wooden architecture and high-end amenities, ideal for a remote getaway.

Surrounded by mountain views that can be seen from all around the resort, including from the outdoor swimming pools, this is a calming retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. There’s also an onsite spa with plenty of wellness treatments and activities including massages, steam rooms, and yoga classes.

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10. Aksari Resort Ubud by Ini Vie Hospitality

Sprawling eco-resort in the heart of the rice terraces

Aksari Resort Ubud by Ini Vie Hospitality Image by:

When you think about luxury jungle eco-resorts, the image you conjure is probably pretty close to the Aksari Resort Ubud. With multi-layer outdoor swimming pools that mimic the cascading rice terraces all around the property, it is truly a showstopping place to stay in Bali.

Located in Tegalalang, the Aksari Resort Ubud is all about that 5-star luxury while still maintaining sustainability and one with nature. From the huge yoga space to the locally sourced restaurant produce to the amazing views and spacious rooms, this place is incredible!

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11. Goya Boutique Resort

Tranquil luxury in the heart of Ubud

Goya Boutique Resort Image by:

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, luxurious eco-resort that’s within walking or cycling distance of Ubud’s best attractions, then you need to check into the Goya Boutique Resort. With dreamy infinity pools that overlook the jungle and a location that’s just an 8-minute walk away from the Monkey Forest, this place offers the best of both worlds.

The spacious rooms and villas give a celebrity getaway vibe to the Goya Boutique Resort that makes you feel like you’re in your own world, despite being in the heart of Ubud!

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12. Sweet Orange Pondok

Traditional Balinese decor and design characterize this beautiful Ubud stay

Sweet Orange Pondok Image by:

If you want to enjoy a more traditional eco-resort stay while you’re in Ubud, book a stay at the Sweet Orange Pondok. Located just one kilometer away from Ubud Palace, this is an ideal place to stay if you want to explore by foot.

With garden views and balconies in every room and villa, the Sweet Orange Pondok offers a tranquil stay that puts nature at the forefront. Together with more traditional Balinese decor and beautiful infinity pools, there’s a great blend of the old and the new!

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13. Chapung Sebali

Excursion-packed hillside getaway in Ubud

Chapung Sebali Image by:

Sometimes we just want an eco-resort that’s beautiful and packed with things to do. Well, Chapung Sebali on the hillside above Ubud ticks both of those boxes. Offering excursions from horseback treks to yoga classes and beyond, they can help you create the perfect Ubud experience.

Inside the resort, there’s a gorgeous infinity pool, the Jungle Fish pool bar where you can relax with a cocktail and play a few games, and there are plenty of spaces to kick back and relax, surrounded by the jungle vibes!

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14. Tejaprana Resort & Spa

Ultimate relaxation and luxury await at this tranquil spa

Tejaprana Resort & Spa Image by:

Are you looking for some classic rest and relaxation? If you’re looking to be pampered, head to the Tejaprana Resort and Spa in Ubud. With calming and tranquil vibes from the private infinity pools to the massage tables, this is a little oasis in the jungle.

One of the cool things about this eco-resort is that if you’re traveling with little ones and want some quality time with your partner, they have an onsite babysitting service. This is definitely something that I haven’t seen from many resorts!

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15. De Moksha Eco-Friendly Boutique Resort

Beautifully-designed eco-resort with stunning architectural choices

De Moksha Eco-Friendly Boutique Resort Image by:

Okay, there are eco-resorts and then there’s having giant leaves on the roofs of the villas! That’s what you get at De Moksha Eco-friendly Boutique Resort in Tabanan. This carefully designed resort brings eco-friendly luxury to the forefront with amazing villas, townhouses, and bungalows looking out across the gorgeous outdoor swimming pool.

With onsite yoga classes, an infinity pool, hot tubs, and a spa center, there are plenty of things to check out here. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, to improve your practice, or to explore the local area, De Moksha is a great option.

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16. AYANA Resort Bali

Stunning coastal views and A-lister amenities make this beachy resort a winner

AYANA Resort Bali Image by:

Located on the dramatic clifftop overlooking the stunning white sands of Jimbaran Bay, when you arrive at the AYANA Resort Bali, it feels like you’ve entered paradise. This is one of the biggest eco-resorts in the area, spanning 90 hectares and surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens.

Even though you’re a short distance from this amazing beach, you can also chill out in one of the 14 different outdoor swimming pools, or try the food at one of the 26 different dining options. That’s right, 26 different places to eat! This is less of an eco resort and more of a small town!

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17. Komaneka at Keramas Beach

A natural oasis at Bali’s best surf spot

Komaneka at Keramas Beach Image by:

Being home to Bali’s best surf spot, it makes sense that Keramas Beach would have one of the best eco-resorts in Bali. Komaneka at Keramas Beach is a tranquil, natural oasis that lets the view do the talking. Set on the clifftop above this iconic break, it’s the perfect place to see the surf rolling in and enjoy the sunset.

Take a dip in the beautiful swimming pool, chill out in a beachfront cabana, or just hang out in your spacious villa. Of course, there’s also a spa to ease your muscles after a day of surfing. Make sure you carve out time for a meal or two at the traditional Balinese restaurant as well!

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FAQs about the Best Eco-Resorts in Bali


Okay, let’s round out this guide to the best eco-resorts in Bali with a few quick frequently asked questions.

How can we be eco-friendly in Bali?

As Bali is a natural haven that’s beloved for its beaches, oceanfront attractions, and mountains, it’s so important to be eco-friendly in this part of the world. Opting to use bicycles rather than mopeds and scooters is a great option, and there are a few companies operating electric scooters around Bali to keep emissions low.

With so many eco-friendly resorts, lodges, and hotels around the island, it’s one of the easier places to choose sustainable accommodation. Make sure you partner this with sustainable excursions and tours, and where you can opt for tours that are run and organized by locals rather than overseas companies.

What is a green zone in Bali?

Green zones are used to denote areas of conservation in Bali. This might be a particular reef, area of marine conservation, beach, jungle, or mountain area. National Parks are often classified as green zones in Bali and are full of special protections to ensure they’re looked after for years to come.

In Bali, there are green, yellow, pink, and red zones which all categorize different types of land according to their purpose. For instance, red zones are commercial areas, pink are for tourism, and yellow are for residential. This is mostly for real estate purposes, but it’s also helpful if you’re looking to stay in natural, eco-friendly spaces.

What makes a resort an eco-resort?

An eco-resort is different from a resort due to its sustainable focus and practices. Whether this is how they power their resort with solar panels and eco-friendly water-saving systems, by promoting locally-grown, organic produce in their restaurants, or having a focus on conservation, there are a lot of ways to do this.

Finding eco-resorts nowadays is relatively easy. actually has a three-tier sustainable badge on its website. If you’re working towards sustainable practices, you can have one leaf, if you already have some eco-friendly features, you get two leaves, and if you’re a fully functioning eco-resort or hotel, you get three leaves.

Are eco-resorts in Bali cheap?

Overall the cost of staying in Bali is pretty cheap compared to other island destinations around the world. There’s also a huge number of eco-friendly resorts, lodges, and hotels on the island making the price points for eco-resorts in Bali pretty competitive.

While eco-resorts remain slightly more expensive than their non-sustainable counterparts, the price difference is nowhere near as significant as in other parts of the world. This is because sustainability is actively celebrated and promoted in Bali, making it a no-brainer choice for hotels and resorts.

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Rebecca Crowe is a freelance content writer who specializes in writing about travel, food, drink, and adventure. She specializes in budget and adventure travel content and can usually be found climbing some rocks, eating some tacos, or waiting around at the nearest airport.

Her best budget travel achievement was spending a weekend in Paris with Roland Garros tickets for under £150, although she's always on the lookout for even better adventure and travel deals!

If you want to keep up with her next adventure, check out her website at Wandering and Wine.

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