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Jade Poleon


Jade is a seasoned traveller, yoga enthusiast, adventure seeker and travel writer passionate about seeing the world and sharing hidden gems with others. As well as having travelled to 91 countries thus far, she has written for several websites and published her first book ‘The Ultimate Irish Road Trip Guide’. She is a keen writer of satirical articles, as well as ‘The best things to do’ and ‘The best dishes to try’ around the globe. Jade is currently on a campervan adventure around Europe, where she continues to get her travel and food inspiration. She is excited to share what she discovers with her readers.

Meet Jade

Paddleboarding Norway 2022
Paddleboarding with Gimli in Norway in 2022, just one of the many campervan stops we've had across Europe.
Living Life On The Road In Sardinia
Living life on the road in Sardinia in 2021 with our 'his and her' campervans.
Driving The Pan American Highway Patagonia
Me and my boyfriend Dennis in Patagonia in 2023, driving the Pan American highway on our Chilean motorbike.
Chichen Itza Backpacking Mexico
Visiting Chichen Itza when backpacking Mexico in 2019

Local To:

Dublin, Ireland


Around the world, always on the go.

Favorite Destinations:

Mexico, Greenland, New Zealand, South Africa, Malawi, Argentina

Fun Facts:

I have been to over 90 countries so far, I walked 900km across Spain in 2017 as part of the Camino de Santiago, I hiked to an altitude of 5416m in the Himalayas in the depths of winter, I am a qualified yoga teacher having trained in Rishikesh, India in 2013 and 2015.

What is your favourite travel experience or story?

One of my many fond memories from travelling is from Kathmandu, Nepal in 2015. While staying in a hostel, I had a crazy idea to do a three-week trek through the Annapurna Himalayas region in the middle of winter. I found a random guidebook and began reading up on the trek and asking around my hostel to see if anyone wanted to join, which of course, they didn’t, as it was the wrong time of the year to undertake such a challenge after all the trail was still entirely covered in snow.

The day before I planned to set off on my trek (Yes, I was adamant about going alone regardless), I met an American traveller who was as spontaneous and unprepared as I was and asked if he could join me, to which I happily agreed. We bought all our hiking gear that same day in Kathmandu and left the following morning on a trek that would take us to a summit of 5416m, which we reached by Christmas Day. This was by far the most challenging thing I undertook during my travels, and of course, It was the most incredible and unique Christmas experience I’ve ever had, with new friends in the surreal surrounding.

What's your travel style?

Off the beaten path, slow travel is my favourite.

I have spent many years travelling solo, which I absolutely loved, but in recent years I have been travelling with my boyfriend and our adventure-loving dog Gimli, and I have to say I love sharing these memorable experiences.

How do you decide which places to visit?

Generally, It is either word of mouth, if a friend has travelled or moved there, or if travel YouTube channels have inspired me.

I love utilising hostels and wild camping when I am backpacking, but since I live full-time on the road in my vintage campervan, It gives me the freedom to stay wherever I want – usually in wild nature or by the sea.

What is your #1 travel tip?

Ask locals for their recommendations when you arrive somewhere! It is incredible what hidden gems you can find, from places to eat to natural wonders, just by chatting with friendly locals.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

Setting foot in Antarctica, Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Completing the Pan-American highway and reaching 100 countries.

Window seat or aisle?


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